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What Are The Most Obvious Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms?

HomeStoriesWhat Are The Most Obvious Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms?

If you’ve been self-medicating for a long length of time due to physical or psychological illness, or have a marijuana addiction, you may discover that you have marijuana withdrawal systems when you quit.

Even people who benefit from long term usage may wish to take a break and give the body a break. This is normal as your body detoxes, but can be great cause for concern if you’re not prepared.

9 Symptoms of Marijuana Withdrawal

Let’s run through a list of the more obvious symptoms, so you can practice some self-care and take it easy for a few days.

1. Bad Flu

The most common symptoms may involve you feeling like you’re coming down with a bad flu bug. You may have excessive sweating and chills, and experience loss of appetite, but you don’t really have a fever, and your throat isn’t sore.

2. Anxiety

You may be experiencing increased amount of nervousness or anxiety, even if you never had those symptoms prior to marijuana usage. Your emotions may be at an all-time high, with feelings of anger, aggression, or irritability, for no reason at all.

3. Loss of Sleep

Your nightly sleep patterns may be affected. You may lie wide awake at night, and have a great desire to sleep through the morning and afternoon hours when you do feel sleepy. In contrast, you may be sleeping too much.

4. Nightmares

When you do sleep, you may experience nightmares. You may sleepwalk or have sleep hallucinations.

5. Uneasiness

It’s possible you might feel restless or uneasy, and can’t seem to relax, even when you’re sitting down and doing nothing. You’re tempted to always be moving. You may feel shaky, and not in full control of your movements.

6. Loss of Appetite

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms can also affect your appetite. You may not feel as hungry and eat less food, which can lead to weight loss. Your stomach may be upset, or you may feel nauseous, and eating doesn’t help at all.

7. Headaches

It’s possible you’ll have a bad headache, or a migraine, if you’re prone to these.

8. Tiredness

There may be minor problems too. You may feel more fatigue around the middle of the day, or yawn a lot. You may have difficulties in focusing at work or school.

9. Depression

Perhaps one of the worst symptoms is experiencing depression.


You may never experience any of the marijuana withdrawal symptoms, or you may experience one or more. It depends on how much dosage you were taking, and for how long.

It’s important to let a friend or family member know of your intent to stop marijuana usage. They can be there for you to ensure you eat, and provide comfort.

The first few days will be the worst. If you get to a point where you feel you can’t cope, call 911. If you have no terminal illness, there are benefits to getting off longterm marijuana usage. It can be tough, so get the help you need, and find a program that works right for you.

Featured images license: Royalty Free or iStock source: Alexandru Logel/Shutterstock

This information is provided by MMJ dispensary Revolutionary Clinics in Boston and is intended to help educate marijuana users its effects, including potential side-effects from withdrawal. To learn more, please visit us on our website or reach out on Facebook.

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