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Motivate your customers to opt-in to your SMPP Server Marketing

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In times where loyal customers are considered as the most valuable assets, It’s essential for an enterprise to ensure that its customers is not only opting for their SMS marketing communications but also reading those messages. But the question is how will you ensure such smooth connectivity with your customers?

Let’s begin with the modes of connecting with customers. Undoubtedly, social media has emerged as a revolutionary tool to keep your audience engaged but it can not be used as a tool to reach out million with personalized information. To cater such purpose, we are left with two tools now, an email and an SMPP Server.

Email marketing is also a very common mobile marketing tool but with 98% open rate bulk sms has proven to be the most effective tool of mobile marketing. SMS is an already available tool with every mobile holder which doesn’t require any extra hardware or installation to operate. Moreover, it can be worked even in the absence of an internet connection. Emails on the other hand doesn’t have the same high open rate and positive response rate.

Despite such peculiarities SMS possess, it is a tedious task to enable customers to opt-in for the SMS service and to make them read each and every message. Below are some of the points which depict how can you do so:

Make them feel delighted by offering incentives

The first and foremost rule of SMS marketing is to offer substantial benefits to your customers for subscribing your message service. In today’s competitive environment, people come across so many marketing phone calls and messages, such thing has made them wary of various forms of marketing. So when you send them sms, they know that you want to sell them your products or services but they are more interested in what’s you have for them. They expect a substantial reward from you. If you become successful to make your customers feel special, you have almost made them your permanent loyal customers.

Add values in your messages

People often receive lot of marketing messages and most of the time they have a common approach to read and disregard the message. To present yourself as a distinct brand, you need to add values in your marketing message. Be an ethical enterprise by raising social campaigns and awareness drives while promoting your brand using SMPP Service provider.

Be precise and to the point

The point is, you are using text message as your information dissemination channel by way of which you will communicate crucial business information to your customers and prospects. In a text message, you have only 160 characters to say your words. It has been seen that those enterprises who send their messages with all the necessary information and sticking to the character count have become successful in winning customers’ loyalty. The content of the message must create interest regarding your products and services and must be encouraging enough to make your customers taking action.

Call to action (CTA)   

Call to action is the nerve point of every marketing message. It basically denotes what a reader has to do after reading your business information. Be it a social media post or an SMS, it must have a call to action button to conclude the offer. Call to action can be any of the mode depends upon the need of the promotion like call, register, sign up, subscribe, buy, share, order, download, etc. This call to action (CTA) contributes to the ultimate action we are seeking out of our promotional campaigns.

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Akash Sharma
Akash Sharma
Hello, I am Akash Sharma a senior content writer at MsgClub who is the leading Bulk SMS Company in India. We are helping individuals and small to enterprise level companies by providing smart solutions such as bulk SMS, voice call SMS, SMPP Services, Smart mobile marketing tools and many more solutions. For any query or business partnership you can contact us at


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