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Why Community Activities Are a Great Way to Keep Your Kids Entertained Over the Summer

HomeWellnessWhy Community Activities Are a Great Way to Keep Your Kids Entertained...

For many children, the last day of school is the best day of the year. They run from school with big smiles on their faces, ready for endless days of freedom. However, for many parents and grandparents, the last day of school means long days with bored kids playing on electronic devices. Fortunately, most communities organize activities that can keep your children entertained and active all summer. Chances are, you’ll end up having fun too!

Low Cost

While there are a lot of fun places to go with kids, many of them end up costing more than parents can afford. Fortunately, most community programs are low cost or even free. Instead of going to a movie theater, look for library movie nights or movies in the park. Instead of visiting a waterpark, watch for free or reduced family swim days at your local pool. For more low-cost ideas, look for free or inexpensive summer activities in your community.

Source: Keep Your Kids Entertained this Summer and Save!

Variety of Activities

If you look at your community calendar, you’ll find lots of fun things to do, like county fairs, art festivals, outdoor movies, and free classes. For school-age children, public libraries often provide summer reading programs with contests and prizes for participants. For younger children, there are storytimes and playdates. Local recreation departments typically offer organized sports to introduce children to the idea of teamwork and to help them stay active. Likewise, local colleges and high schools often run camps in areas such as sports, theater, music, and technology. Many of these activities are for families, so while your children will enjoy them, you’ll likely end up having fun too. With a little research, you will be able to find a variety of activities in your local community.

Source: What to Do in Utah County for Spring and Summer

Opportunities to Make New Friends

While there are many benefits to getting kids out and active during summer vacation, one of the best reasons to look for community activities for your family is that it provides your children with an opportunity to meet and to make new friends. By trying a variety of community activities, children can meet friends with a variety of interests. This is a great way to help your kids make friendships outside of their regular classroom peers.

Source: 3 Simple Techniques to Help Kids Make Friends

Summer vacation is a great time for kids to try new activities and to make new friends. By looking into local community activities, you’ll find some fun ways to spend time with your family and to foster new interests in your children. Hopefully you can find some fun things to do with your children in the summer.
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