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Top 10 Best Mattresses For Back Pain

HomeWellnessTop 10 Best Mattresses For Back Pain

Back pain can result in a vicious sleep cycle and you might spend the nights tossing and turning in bed hoping to be in the perfect position to alleviate the pain. Chronic back pain is the major factor of poor and disruptive night sleep due to the constant discomfort. Living with back pain is a challenging task in itself and sleeping every night on a flimsy and unsupported mattress can sprinkle salt on your wounds.

Each night on the flimsy mattress can make your back pain even worse. Hence, choosing the best mattress is crucial for your back pain and health. There are different types of mattresses available in the market like hybrid mattresses, pressure-relief mattresses, back support mattresses, etc.  But with a plethora of options out there, how can someone determine which mattress would truly help you out?

The choice of the mattress depends upon different factors like thickness, support, manufacturing material, firmness of the mattress, comfort, temperature regulation, your preferred sleep position, your body weight, as well as your budget. I have scoured a list of top 10 best mattresses for back pain, based on customer reviews, with a brief detail of deciding factors, which are as follows:

1: Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series

The series offers 12.5 inches dual-sided mattress (flip-able) and comes in two firmness levels- medium and firm. The entire mattress consists of four layers of infused memory foam and two quilted covers both on top and bottom. The mattress is specially designed to relieve pressure from shoulders and hips to support the back more effectively making it ideal for back pain.

The firm edge support base foam of the mattress prevents hips and shoulders from sinking in and keeps your body in proper alignment. It offers a 100 nights trial period and a lifetime warranty. The price ranges from $999 to $1,499 and is sold online along with some selected store locations.

2: Eva Hybrid Mattress

Combining the support from pocket springs counting to 2,500 and gel memory foam, the hybrid mattress from Eva is engineered for back pain. It composed of cooling gel memory foam and natural latex along with patented micro and pocket springs providing optimal rest throughout the night.

This queen size mattress costs around $900 having a density foam and edge support. The trial period of 120 nights, 12 years warranty, and hundreds of positive customer reviews speak about the durability of this hybrid mattress.

3: Nora Mattress For Back Sleepers

People suffering from back pain often prefer to sleep face-up as it keeps the spine in proper alignment. It has a medium-firm option that makes it ideal for back sleepers. It provides enough support to reduce the pressure and provides desired body alignment as well as soft enough for your comfort.

It has 12 niches memory foam that is designed to provide ample support while cradling and its four foam layers maintain the posture of the contours of your body. This mattress is priced at $499 and has a 100-night trial period. It has gel-infused memory foam to maintain body temperature throughout the night.

4: Saatva’s Loom & Leaf Relaxed Firm

This mattress is specially designed to make it eco-friendly having the multi-layered infused memory gel foam and is ideal for pain relief. The patent spinal-zone gel is composed of a cooling agent and the contouring memory foam helps in relieving the back pain. It helps in even weight distribution and allows a neutral body alignment.

The 12 inches mattress is medium-firm and comes with a 120-nights trial period. The price ranges from $849 to $1,799 having a warranty of 15 years.

5: Layla Pressure Relief Mattress

It does an exceptional job of relieving pressure and back pain through its memory foam. The copper-infused gel memory foam helps to wick away the heat of your body and helps you stay cool all night. It is considered among the top-notch pressure relieving mattresses and designed to stiffen up under pressure that supports your body posture and keeps your spine straight while you sleep all night.

This mattress from Layla is dual-sided and comes with a trial period of 120 nights having a lifetime warranty. Its cost ranges from $499-$1,099 and has numerous positive reviews from the customers.

Sleep Sophie mattress has advanced sleep solutions including Whole Body Vibration Therapy, a therapy widely used to help reduce aches and pains throughout the body.

6: Sealy’s Cocoon Chill Soft

This 10-inch mattress made up of memory foam is considered as medium-firm and offers a spinal alignment and back support solution that is ideal for back pain sufferers. The stretch-knit fabric is covering the phase-change material that helps to maintain the body temperature- warms-up your body when you are cool and cool-down the body temperature when it is hot.

It ranges from $399-$999 having a 100-night trial period and 10 years warranty.

7: WinkBed- Luxury Zoned Support

This luxury mattress is specifically designed for restorative sleep and the hybrid design merges the best features of foam and innerspring into a dynamic mattress. It is handcrafted to order and is eco-friendly. It has a cooling Tencel cover and a Sleepcalm motion isolation system. This mattress ranges from $1,099-$1,899 having a 120-nights trial period and “Any reason” warranty.

8: Voila Medium Mattress

infused memory foam, gel latex foam, and five zoned coil springs. It provides exceptional support to heavy contouring body parts. This mattress costs between $499-$1,299 having a 100-nights trial period and a 10-years warranty.

9: DreamCloud- Soft feel

It is crafted with premium materials and Quilted Euro-top that gently cradles your body from head to toe. This mattress provides solid support and pressure relief for back pain sufferers. The gel-infused memory foam with ultra-plush technology covers your body like a cloud. It ranges from $799-$1,499 having a 365-nights trial period and lifetime warranty. 

10: Amerisleep AS4

Amerisleep uses plant-based material, medium-soft memory foam, pressure relief, and exceptional body support material. It uses a three-layered technology enabling air circulation for maintaining body temperature. It ranges from $649-$3,499 having a 100-nights trial period and a 20-years warranty.

With the right mattress, you can reduce your pain and aches during the night that can help you feel alert, fresh and more-rested during the day. Choose your mattress wisely to enjoy a sound sleep at night.

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