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Some Super Ideas for CTA that Really Work

HomeBusinessSome Super Ideas for CTA that Really Work

CTA or call to action is the phrase that will encourage the readers or audience to take some action. Some of these actions include ‘download now’, ‘read more’, ‘buy now’, etc. Coming up with creative CTAs are an important aspect of PPC management services. In this blog, we look at some super ideas for CTA that have proven to work. 

1. CTA Promising a 30 Second Sign-Up

This is a spin-off on the oldest trick in the book – creating urgency. Typically, CTAs create urgencies through phrases like “do this right now”. This phrase does suggest urgency, but it does not guarantee that doing the action suggested will be easy. This is where a CTA promising a 30-second sign up succeeds. Not only does it suggest urgency, but it also assures the reader that the action won’t take long, which creates an ease in the minds of the reader and makes them more inclined towards carrying out the action. 

2. CTA Announcing a 2-Minute Demo

Another creative CTA idea is to announce a 2-minute demo. The allure of this CTA is in the fact that it lends assistance to the reader, and also lets them know how much of their time they would need to take out for the action. Specifying the time has a greater chance of making the reader act, as opposed to a CTA that just reads “watch this demo”. The idea is to make the readers be comfortable with carrying out the action by making it sound easy and convenient. 

3. CTA That Offers a Sneak Peek

A CTA that offers a sneak peek into the products or services offered is very alluring. A reader who is interested enough to read your content will also be interested to actually see what it would be like to be your customer. Moreover, such a CTA idea also gives readers an assurance as to the quality of your products and services. Afterall, unless someone is confident about the products and services they offer, they wouldn’t give customers a preview before purchase, would they?

4. CTA That Offers a Deal

Nothing lures customers more than an exciting deal, that is marketing #101. Implement that strategy into your call of action by incentivizing the action with a lucrative deal. A CTA example of this kind is “Buy now to get 20% off” or “Sign up now to get 50% off on your first purchase”. The incentive offered is reason enough for the audience to go through with the action.  

5. CTA Announcing Free Benefits

As with discounts, any benefit that is freely available is sure to catch the customer’s eye and push them to action. Take a look at these CTA examples, “Start off without a credit card!” or “Sign up now to enjoy free services for the first month!”. When you consider these statements, you’ll see that it communicates to the audience that they won’t need to pay any money if they go ahead with the action. They can enjoy the benefits without spending a dime. The incentive is so lucrative that it will do away with any apprehensions about carrying out the action. 

6. Revise the “learn more” CTA

The “learn more” CTA is one of the most common phrases we see in marketing. It is so widely used that customers now find it impersonal and choose not to oblige to the CTA. Revise the phrase to something new, something that makes customers want to interact with the business. Some new phrases used by professionals in PPC management services include “Tell me more” or “I want to read on”. These simple phrases add a personal touch and makes the customers feel like they are directly in touch with the company when they oblige with the CTA. 

7. Switch Up Your “Yes” and “No”

CTAs that are in the form of a “yes” or “no” to a question don’t receive as much traction as they once did. This is because the words “yes” and “no” bring with them a finality that is often scary. Switch these words with “sure” or “maybe later” and see how customers actually engage. These words are far less threatening and do not call for absolute commitment. “Sure” seems like a much less risky way to say yes. “Maybe later” suggests that the door is not closed for good, and the customer can come back if they change their mind. That ease created in their minds is what causes customers to gravitate towards these CTAs. 

8. Choose CTAs That Suggest Positive Changes

CTAs that suggest positive changes have a much better chance at customer engagement.

Let us look at an example, say the product being advertised is a health supplement. The conventional CTAs one can observe in this regard includes “purchase now” or “get it now”, etc. These are CTAs that customers themselves are expecting and have built an involuntary resistance towards. Now consider a CTA for the same product that reads “I choose health”. The CTA makes customers hopeful that in acting as prescribed, there will be a positive change in their lives. That is reason enough to go through with the action, no questions asked. 

9. Make CTAs welcoming

“Apply now” or “See vacancies” are some of the most commonly seen CTAs when it comes to job applications. While they are effective as they are, making the CTA more welcoming can improve the effectiveness significantly. Instead of “apply now”, use “join us today” to create in the minds of readers a feeling that they are welcome. It sounds like a personal invitation, and who would turn that down amidst a sea of boring “apply now” CTAs?

10. CTAs that offer a trial

Customers love a good sample. CTAs that offer a trial or sample have a much better chance of succeeding as it allows customers the opportunity to taste the cake before eating it. 

Employ these CTA ideas into your ad campaign to see greater traffic and conversion rates. Make your marketing game creative and relatable today!

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