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Know What Types of Apps are Good to Develop with ‘React Native’ and things you did not know

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Today, cross-platform app development is the biggest craze among entrepreneurs for being affordable yet performance-driven. And this is the reason why these apps are considered to be a great alternative to native applications.

In native mobile application development, developers need to perform separate coding to create mobile apps on the iOS and Android platforms. It not only consumes time but also makes native mobile app development highly expensive.

On the contrary, in React Native app development, developers can enjoy the flexibility of writing code once and implementing the same code for developing a mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms.

It not only reduces overall development time but also the development cost. This is the reason why React Native app development is highly cost-effective and thus every business can afford it.

There is now much possibility that you may be excited to hire React Native developers after going through the above discussion. Well, if you are planning to develop a cross-platform app powered by React Native, you must get details about the apps that can be built by leveraging this platform.

What is React Native?

React Native was developed and launched by Facebook as a cross-platform app development framework. It is an open-source app development framework that developers leverage to create applications on both iOS and Android platforms. The framework enables developers to leverage React along with various native capabilities and develop the most powerful apps.

What are the Best Examples of React Native Applications?

There are many popular apps developed with the React Native Platform. Have a glance at some of them.

  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Bloomberg
  • Ubereats
  • Instagram
  • Myntra
  • Airbnb
  • Gyroscope
  • And many more

Types of Mobile Applications that can be Developed with the use of React Native

Let’s take a look at various important types of mobile applications that developers build leveraging the React Native framework.

Basic Cross-platform Apps

As the above discussion makes it clear hiring a React development agency for app development is the right choice for those who have a limited budget for app development. Even if you are targeting both iOS and Android markets, React Native lets you create a perfect interface that works smoothly on both platforms.

Working Prototypes

It would not be wrong to say that a large number of applications developed with this framework are quick prototypes. All you need to do to hire an experienced React Native development agency who possesses in-depth knowledge of this framework.

Make sure the developers you hire have enough experience in creating a prototype that functions flawlessly on both iOS and Android platforms.

Besides, it also makes development faster compared to the native tech stack. The end product developed with this framework delivers a completely native experience.

Streamlined User Interface

The most interesting fact about React Native applications is that it perform and appear quite similar and is also perfect for iOS and Android. Besides, the user interface runs on the main thread.

And a large number of apps including business logic generally run on a fully separate JavaScript thread. These threads communicate with the help of a bridge.

Always keep in mind that if you have a large number of user interface components for communicating with JS code, then the overall performance of your mobile application tends to suffer a lot. This is indeed true with those of complicated gestures and sophisticated animation.

When it comes to optimizing React Native applications, it requires a lot of time to be spent on this arena. It tends to make app development time-consuming and also can prevent you from harnessing the main advantages of this framework.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the flexibility of moving down your coding work to the native side. For this, you will require more developers who can perform this task accordingly.

Apps Developed with Less Native APIs

As React Native is often called as a close counterpart of a native application, an app powered by the said platform generally relies on native APIs or also various important things like GPS, camera, and many more.

To implement the same with perfection, your developers need to code bridges. It is, of course, a time-consuming process and your developers need to possess vast expertise in this arena to perform this thing efficiently. So, if your application doesn’t use more native APIs, then React Native can be indeed a perfect choice for you.

10 amazing things you did not know about React Native

React Native is a popular open-source framework for building cross-platform mobile applications using JavaScript and React. Here are 10 amazing things you may not know about React Native:

  1. Cross-Platform Development:
    • Fact: React Native allows developers to build mobile applications that work on both iOS and Android platforms. This cross-platform compatibility significantly reduces development time and effort.
  2. Hot Reloading:
    • Fact: React Native supports hot reloading, a feature that allows developers to inject new code while the application is running. This accelerates the development process by instantly reflecting changes without requiring a full app reload.
  3. Reusable Components:
    • Fact: React Native promotes the use of reusable components, making it easier to maintain and update code. Components written in React Native can be shared between the web and mobile applications, streamlining development across platforms.
  4. Integration with Native Modules:
    • Fact: React Native allows seamless integration with native modules, enabling developers to leverage platform-specific functionalities when needed. This is particularly useful for tasks that require native capabilities not available in JavaScript.
  5. Large Developer Community:
    • Fact: React Native has a large and active developer community. This means there is a wealth of resources, libraries, and third-party plugins available, making it easier for developers to find solutions to common issues.
  6. Performance Comparable to Native Apps:
    • Fact: React Native apps can achieve performance levels comparable to native apps. This is because React Native doesn’t rely on a web view for rendering but uses native components, resulting in a smoother user experience.
  7. Support for Third-Party Plugins:
    • Fact: React Native supports a wide range of third-party plugins and modules, allowing developers to easily integrate popular libraries and functionalities into their applications. This extensibility enhances the capabilities of React Native.
  8. React Native CLI and Expo CLI:
    • Fact: Developers can choose between React Native CLI and Expo CLI for project setup. React Native CLI provides more control and access to native modules, while Expo CLI offers a simplified development experience with pre-configured tools and services.
  9. Microsoft’s Contribution – React Native for Windows:
    • Fact: Microsoft has contributed to the React Native ecosystem with the introduction of React Native for Windows. This extension allows developers to build applications for Windows 10 using React Native.
  10. React Native for Web:
    • Fact: With projects like React Native for Web, developers can extend their React Native codebase to run on the web. This enables the creation of web applications using the same codebase used for mobile development.

React Native continues to evolve, with ongoing contributions from the community and major tech companies. Its flexibility, performance, and the ability to leverage existing web development skills make it a powerful framework for mobile app development.


After going through the above discussion, you may now have a clear understanding of what kinds of apps can be developed leveraging the React Native framework. If you think React Native is good for your project, then it’s the right time to hire React Native developers.

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