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Essential Items You Must Not Keep in Your Bathroom

Home Info graphics Essential Items You Must Not Keep in Your Bathroom

People love storing their things, especially their essential items at a convenient location inside their house. And one of the best areas in the home to store your things is the bathroom. However, placing your essential items in the comfort room can alter its quality and can even affect your health and safety.

Out of all the rooms in your house, your bathroom has the highest temperature, moisture, and humidity. These factors can affect the quality of the items stored in the place. It can also help bacteria, germs, and fungus thrive in the room, which can put you and your loved ones at risk.

Medicine, cosmetics, and perfumes are often stored near the sink of the bathroom. However, despite the norm of placing these items in the room, it should be relocated somewhere else. It comes as heat, humidity, and moisture can spoil medicines faster and cause make-ups and fragrances to degenerate and degrade.

Accordingly, some people are used to stocking towels and reading materials, such as books and magazines, in the bathroom for convenience. However, this practice may be putting themselves and their health in harm. As mentioned, the bathroom is a place where warm temperature and moisture exist, which means it can be a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms. Placing items made in paper and fabric in the bathroom can help mold thrive in the room.

Convenience should not be the only factor you should consider when storing things inside your home. Instead, your health and safety should also be part of your criteria when deciding where to place your items. It would also help if you consider your item’s components, the storage area’s temperature, and levels of humidity and moisture to avoid your things from degrading faster or growing mold in them. This infographic by Duracare Baths lists some items that should not be kept inside the bathroom.

Duracare Baths

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