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What Happens When Fears Turn Into Phobias?

HomeWellnessWhat Happens When Fears Turn Into Phobias?

Having irrational fears does not make you abnormal or crazy and this is what everyone should know. Everybody has their own apprehensions and things that stress them out. These fears occurring sporadically are not a cause of much concern. However, if these fears follow a continued pattern, that is where the trouble comes.

Ignoring won’t do you any good and so it is necessary to observe that pattern and spend some time on yourself. What’s important here is to figure the problem out when it’s at the grass-root level only so your fears don’t turn into phobias. You would think that fears and phobias are the same when they’re actually not.

What is a phobia?

It is the stage where your fears intensify and decide to reside in you permanently. The strange fact about phobias is that they aren’t something to fear about so much in reality. They are very less or not dangerous at all which is why fearing them so deeply is considered an issue. Also, these phobias leave you in extreme anxiety and impact your normal life greatly which is why they’re a threat to your well-being.

The worst part about phobias is that you can’t help but feel frightened of things that even you know aren’t hazardous. Phobias take your control on the feelings away and put you in a state of frenzy that drives you crazy without a reason. The terror inside is extremely overwhelming and it gets you behaving in unusual ways to cope up with the anxiety.

How to Tell If it’s Fear or Phobia?

There’s a significant difference between a fear and a phobia. Where fears are quite normal to have, phobias are more intense and impact your health negatively. Fears are still a healthy part of your life as they ensure keeping you sane and in the right mind to not make the wrong decisions. Fears have a reason and logic while phobias, more often than not, don’t. Phobias lead you to making irrational decisions and losing your mind over something that doesn’t have much to be scared of in it.

The Different Types of Fears

Fears are those little intimidating sensations that do get you frightened and stressed but don’t make result in loss of control over your actions. You can be scared of numerous objects but still stay in the right senses. Here, we take you through all those fears that a person is likely to have.

  • Fear of the natural environment like thunder, lightning, heights etc
  • Fear of dangerous situations like an elevator ride, driving, flying etc
  • Fears of medical emergencies like blood, injections, injuries, etc
  • Fear of animals and insects like eagles, dogs, lizards, etc

All kinds of phobias

Phobias come from all sorts of things that you can find from your surroundings as it can be absolutely anything that isn’t even an iota harmful. Phobias are a kind of anxiety disorder that start to trouble you when you come in contact with something that you fear. Phobias are an intensified version of fears and here are a few to look at.

  • Ophidiophobia is the phobia that comes from the fear of snakes and it could be a result of cultural influences or personal experiences as well
  • Acrophobia is when you fear of heights aggravates and you start avoiding going to high places like bridges, tall buildings, towers, and more
  • Aerophobia relates to the fear of flying and people will this kind of phobia are afraid of airplane being extremely frightened from crashes
  • Astraphobia is the intensified fear of lightning and thunder as the weather goes wild and starts making loud noises and flashing visuals
  • Agoraphobia is the fear of being alone in crowded places and large spaces that are hard to escape from
  • Mysophobia is the phobia of dirt and germs as people with this kind are extremely cautious about their hygiene and safety

How do phobias develop?

Nobody is born with phobias. They start from making you fearful about a certain object or creature only. Later, they develop with the passage of time and cause adverse effects on your mental system. Phobias grow inside a person as a result of past experiences, genetics, or the environment and disturb your system quite badly.

Your past encounters with a fearful situation could instill a fear of it in your mind and on its frequent happening, its outcome could be instilled in your mind and become a phobia. Also, your parents’ experiences and their fears could be transferred to you through genes and have your fears intensified into phobias. Further, your environment effects your mind and leaves a mark in your mind from what you see is causing harm to others in different ways.

Symptoms of Phobia

There are numerous ways to tell you’re stuck in an alarming situation of having a phobia developed. Here are all the symptoms and signs you need to watch out for.

  • Breathing Issues
  • Racing Heartbeat
  • Chest Pain
  • Constant S0haking
  • Tingling Sensations
  • Excessive Sweating

Also, you need to analyze yourself mentally and emotionally to stay aware of signs from there as well.

  • Feeling excessive panic and anxiety
  • Feeling disconnected from yourself
  • Feeling like you’re going crazy
  • Feeling like you’re going to die
  • Inability to control fear

How to Treat Phobias?

With every problem, comes a solution. Just like any other illnesses and disorders, phobias can be treated as well. Certain treatments that involve talking the problem out are very helpful for this problem. Councelling sessions and Nursing Staffing Agency Georgia are a great option to get rid of phobias and live normally without experiencing panic attacks on encounter with the things you fear.

One treatment that is known to be quite beneficial to fix phobias is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). It is a psychotherapeutic treatment that teaches people how to recognize and modify the thought patterns that are impacting their emotions and well-being negatively. With this treatment, getting rid of phobias and their disturbing effects becomes easy and restores your wellness nicely.

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