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5 Must Have Business Tools to Work from Anywhere

HomeBusiness5 Must Have Business Tools to Work from Anywhere

We live in a strange new world where nearly three quarters of workers are working (or could work) from home. The radical reconfiguration of America’s working life during the pandemic has had many people asking questions. Is the office all that important? Am I more productive at home?

And most importantly, how can I ensure I can always work from anywhere in future?

There are plenty of business tools to enable our new work from home lives, but only a few of them are surefire ‘must-haves’. Curious about which? Keep reading to learn our top 5 business tools you need to work from anywhere!

1. Video Conferencing Tools

If anyone has ‘won’ during the course of the pandemic, it’s assuredly video conferencing companies like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams. These handy apps were right where we needed them when we all started having to work from our living rooms, and they remain a vital way for teams to stay in touch with one another today.

2. An App for Massive Chats

Some things just don’t require a full-on video meeting. The truth is, plenty essential but minor communication can be conducted more efficiently over dedicated chat apps. Apps like Slack and GChat enable workers to remain in constant communication throughout the workday without taking up each other’s valuable time with unnecessary meetings.

Used right, you can end up working more efficiently than you did when your colleagues were a couple of desks away!

3. Invoicing Software

Every business has to send bills. Whether you’re a young upstart freelancer or literally, one of the most important parts of your business is invoicing. So make sure you and your staff have an app that will let you create invoice files regardless of your location!

After all, if you’re unable to send out bills while you’re working, you’re not likely to get paid any time soon. Make sure you don’t overlook the critical need for invoicing software.

4. Electronic Form Signing Tech

These days, just about everything needs a signature. That can be a problem when everyone who needs to sign a document isn’t in the same room. Luckily, there’s software out there — like Docusign — that can let you sign contracts and documents online. Make sure you look into it before you start your work from anywhere journey!

5. A Cloud Storage Solution

Co-working means sharing. Multiple workers often need access to the same files for different reasons. That’s why it’s vital to use a cloud storage provider that all your staff have access to!

Work from Anywhere with These Handy Tools

And that’s the end of our list of the most crucial work from anywhere tools out there. It doesn’t matter if you run a massive business or a tiny freelance studio, if you want to work outside the office, you have to come prepared.

So make sure you aren’t caught out!

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