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7 Stunning Social Media Strategies for Car Dealerships

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Seventy-four percent of users currently making use of social networks to make purchasing decisions. It’s now more apparent than ever before that social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are crucial marketing tools for a modern-day business, and car dealers aren’t the only ones. 

The trend towards social media has made it imperative for car dealerships to be more involved in the channels that their clients appreciate. However, it also offers a chance to increase your marketing efforts and attract leads to your home ground. If you don’t offer buyers the information they require and need, somebody else will. 

7 Social Media Strategies for Car Dealership

Here are the 10 most effective social media strategies for automotive digital marketing.

  1. Use Twitter to Drive Sales

A Marketshare research found that in 2013 Twitter was responsible for $716 million of auto sales. Twitter remains an option for car buyers. Various research shows that hundreds of thousands of tweets related to automobiles are posted each day. By targeting accurate keywords, people with buying intention can be identified and can be directly contacted or sent ads to. 

Twitter also provides a full business-focused suite of products that include marketing, campaign management, tracking, and analytics. Through Twitter business, you can make videos, tweets or even your account in order to boost awareness of your brand.

  1. Targetting Consumers on Facebook

This is an absolute must for car dealer’s marketing, particularly when the majority of your customers are on Facebook. This is not an unknown fact that most of your customers will be on Facebook. Therefore, you can focus your marketing efforts on Facebook too. 

Advertise to those who have indicated they’re looking to buy cars. You can narrow these choices to areas that are near the dealership, according to the type of vehicle or gender, the type of car you are selling, your consumer’s preferences and much more. The investment is worth it. The research conducted by Unified confirms that auto ads get two times more click-through rates than other standard Facebook advertisements.

  1. Strategic Video Marketing with Youtube

Whatever the industry, YouTube is a highly efficient platform for advertising. It is because YouTube users are very engaged and the placement of ads are highly effective as they have been studied and constantly improved. If you are advertising on YouTube your ad appears on the content in a variety of ways. Some are video-based, whereas others are simply pop-ins based on text. 

You choose who is going to see your advertisements on YouTube through the creation of buyer personas. These preferences and demographics affect the efficacy of your advertising campaigns and also permit you to alter your ad strategy overtime to ensure that you’re making sure you’re targeting the right people.

  1. Utilize Pinterest

The majority of marketers only think of one of the most well-known social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to use for social marketing. Pinterest is well-known for its more female users that include recipes along with beauty tips and ideas for decorating and is therefore ignored. But, Pinterest is also great for the automotive industry in a variety of ways. One reason is that it has such a massive female user base What better way to reach female customers? Pinterest is also excellent to build an SEO presence by posting landing pages, photos of your merchandise and blog posts. This generates social signals that can in turn increase traffic to your website.

  1. Offer Social-media specific promotions

Are you planning a promotion or an occasion ahead? A great idea can be adding social media elements to it. Maybe reward people for liking or sharing an event’s posting by entering the users in a specific prize draw. This way you will get more engagement on your social media handles and may also get more footfall in your event, giving you more chances for conversion.

This is a fantastic method to grow your user base and organically increase the reach of your content on the internet. Everyone enjoys the thought of winning some prize (even something as small as an unpaid coffee) By allowing users to share your content, it’s a win for all that are involved. Leveraging such strategies can be game changer for your automotive digital marketing.

  1. Leverage Social Media Reviews

You can also invite your customers to post their reviews on your various social media sites. People who are looking for cars are 90 per cent more likely to visit your site in addition and greater likelihood to come to your automotive dealership if it has received positive reviews, according to research conducted by DealerRater and Dataium. 

Other than traditional review sites customers are also checking for reviews on social networks, which is why you should encourage your happy customers to leave reviews about their experience. Also, be sure to respond to reviews that are negative. Customers who have had negative experiences want to be heard. Quick and prompt attention can diminish any harm. Make sure that you’re monitoring review websites and social media channels, particularly during the weekend. Reviews that are negative tend to be 19 per cent more likely to be posted on a weekend, Sunday or on a Monday following the experience of a rough weekend, and it’s advised not to miss such reviews.

  1. Story Telling through Social Media

Everything promoted or shared online doesn’t need to have a specific sale focus. Making content that your customers can relate to and like to consume goes an extended way to getting their attention and capturing their business. In the end, on the other side of your advertisement, you’ll find an individual with different beliefs and preferences.


In most cases, making progress won’t take place in a single moment. When you’re building an online presence, be prepared for the long run. Dealerships often seek an easy way to increase more sales before the month’s close but that’s not how social media marketing operates. 

If you do it right, keeping an active social media presence can earn you more clients, aid you sell more products as well as vehicles, and also boost the revenue of your business. It is always advised that you work with experts who understand how digital marketing for the automotive industry work. With them, you’ll be able to reap all the benefits of social media.

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