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    If you clicked on this article, then you’re already aware of how important technology is in today’s world. However, you aren’t exactly sure of what to do with this knowledge. Yes, technology is important now but what does that entail? It’s certainly a booming market, but what is the edge you can get over the competition who knows this fact as well?

    More importantly, how do you even find the people who know what to do with this knowledge? 

    Those questions are answered by learning about the fundamental tech skills every tech professional needs. You don’t have to be a technical genius, but it helps to have technical geniuses in your employ. As a leader, you should be good enough at technology to know where that technology will serve you best. 

    To that end, you need to know what these important tech skills are and what kind of people are the best at them. 

    Professional Software Knowledge

    Along with devices, there will be the usual suspects you find on each of them. There are a lot of essential apps that your business needs to run smoothly. Knowing how to use them is crucial for your business. A tech professional who is too specialized can get lost if they don’t know how to handle an error. That can stall productivity and reflect poorly on the business. There are a lot of programs commonly found in the business world, and these include

    · Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, PowerPoint, Word & Outlook)

    · Internet Browser

    · Email Applications

    · Banking Apps

    · Billing Software

    · Payroll Software

    · Time Logging Software

    · Database Management Software

    There is no need to be an expert on all of these software programs immediately, but they should definitely be adept. What you do need is an idea of how to use it and what functions they can do. Being adept at the different kinds of software in your business allows for a sense of security that things are running smoothly. Data entry, online tech support, help desk, and Quality Assurance staff must excel in this field. 

    There are also more complex professional technologies that one could use in the workplace, such as:

    · Artificial Learning

    · Analytics

    · Automation

    · Data Science

    · SEO Tools

    Knowledge of Programming Languages

    This one may sound intimidating, but it’s not exactly what you think. That is not a recommendation to find someone who knows every programming language. It’s a recommendation to know what good quality code is out in the industry. Be aware of the existence of different programming languages used by booming businesses. You may have an idea of what kind of app you want to develop. Maybe you need software that can automate tasks but want it in-house. Software developers and engineers are the roles that make use of programming languages. 

    Find out which skills are needed for your project.


    Java is on over seven billion devices, and then the number only keeps going up from there. If your business is looking to be a giant in the Android industry, you need Java experts on your team. It is a simple language with easy backward compatibility. Examples of software that uses Java are Netflix and LinkedIn.


    Java and JavaScript are NOT the same things. They may have close names, but you do not want to hire a Java developer for a JavaScript project. JavaScript is the language that powers the basic World Wide Web. Every single website uses some JavaScript. For websites, maintaining data security, and real-time chat applications, JavaScript is for you.


    SQL is the language used for database applications such as Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. The language has several uses, and the average computer will contain at least one SQL application. Google apps are known to be powered by SQL.


    Python is a simple language with a syntax that is similar to basic English. It is a great training tool for beginner developers, but do not underestimate its uses for complex applications. The NASA website utilizes Python in its design.


    C++ is one of the oldest languages on this list. It is the basis for industrial mainstays such as Adobe, OS X, and Microsoft. For audiovisual applications or game development, C++ remains one of the best options.


    PHP is the basis for a large chunk of HTML web pages on the internet. For those looking for dynamic websites with deep functionality, look no further than this language. PHP is still the foundation for many modern websites, such as WordPress and Facebook.

    Technical Writing

    Technical writing is a skill that goes hand-in-hand with the skills previously mentioned. They may have the general knowledge of software and hardware, but they also need to share it with their team. An IT Professional should have in-depth documentation on all the essential practices in your business.

    Examples include tutorials in database systems to instructions and using the network printer. Make sure they assist the team in documenting these tasks for future training purposes. Team managers, IT administrators, and recruiters should know these skills as they will be the ones training employees most often. 

    Data Analysis

    As your business grows, your business gathers large amounts of data. This data can be profits, customer feedback, percentages of sales, and a whole host of other data. It may be overwhelming, but within all that data lies the secrets to success. Being able to analyze data allows your business to utilize the information that can help it grow itself.

    For example, a skilled analyst checking your profits by location may help you understand where you should market more aggressively. Places with low sales could mean a lot of things. If your business is clothing, you may notice that certain places do not buy as much from you. 

    Now, analyze their location. Are they in a hot region? Are there competing businesses? Whatever the case may be, data analysis can help you find a creative solution to your business woes.

    Data analysts, project leaders, and sales often make good use of this tech skill.  To maximize this skill, look for data analysis technology such as SQL Databases, predictive analytics, and SEO tools to make the best of your company’s gathered data.

    Project management

    So far, we have been looking at micro-skills. These micro-skills are for details and the inner workings of a business. Project management is a macro skill. Project management is the ability to utilize all of the skills given on this list and apply them to the project on a large scale.

    Project management is a technical skill because it utilizes all the other technical skills. In addition to those, project management covers other micro-skills such as:

    · Coordinating with team members

    · Centralizing the flow of information

    · Sharing status updates of the project to all relevant members

    · Communicating issues as they happen

    · Meeting deadlines

    Project management is the glue that holds all the other skills together. It allows them to apply all this know-how in a practical business setting. Project leaders and any sort of team leader should know about project management. To make the best of this skill, use project management technology. This streamlines the management to its barest essentials, leaving you plenty of room to focus on the big picture.

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