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Why a New Home is Almost Always Better Than an Old Home

HomeStoriesWhy a New Home is Almost Always Better Than an Old Home

Older homes certainly have their charms, but they can also come with concerns. Lifestyles have changed; the average homeowner today has different priorities in a home than their grandparents did. And, in more recent years, building materials and processes have greatly improved, leading to homes that are more soundly built. A newer home will almost always be the better choice.

Fewer Maintenance Issues

Even well-kept older homes will have maintenance issues, simply because things wear out over time. With a newer home, you won’t have to worry about structural issues such as a cracked foundation or rotting wood. You also won’t have to worry about dangerous building materials like asbestos or lead pipes. Further, the plumbing and electricity may be outdated in older homes. With a newer home, you won’t have to worry about corroded pipes, leaks, or bad patch-up jobs. The electrical systems in newer homes are also built to handle the technology-heavy demand of modern lifestyles. You’ll also have fewer maintenance issues on furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, and softeners.

Greener Designs

Years ago, few people worried about their impact on the environment, and certainly not when building a home. From floors to windows to the roof, older homes were not built to be energy-efficient. They are often not well-insulated. Building a custom home ensures a minimum carbon footprint compared to a home on the market. You can choose high-quality insulation, double-glazed windows, and water-saving plumbing. Energy-star approved appliances will also reduce the impact on the environment.

More Efficient Floor Plans

Older homes don’t have floor plans that work well with today’s lifestyles. Kitchens are often inefficient, and bathrooms are tiny. Square footage of bedrooms tends to be smaller, and walk-in closets are all but unknown. Today, homeowners want an open floor plan with high ceilings and lots of natural light. They also want a kitchen with plenty of storage and counter space. A spacious owner’s suite with an en suite bathroom is a must, along with additional bathrooms on every level. A separate laundry room with extra storage is also popular.

Homeowners these days want a home that is low-maintenance, energy-efficient, and works with the way they want to live. Even the best of older homes will need maintenance or renovation, which can be costly and time-consuming. If you want to avoid those issues, a newer home is the better choice.

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