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When a Smartphone is Inadequate for Photography

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With smartphones, everyone can have a camera in their pocket at any time. It’s easy to take pictures and capture memories at a moment’s notice. However, there are times when a smartphone camera just won’t cut it and you need to use a regular camera.

Low-Light Situations

While many smartphone companies are taking measures to improve the quality of night time photos, not all smartphone cameras are equipped to handle low light situations. These cameras tend to use fewer pixels than a regular hand held camera. This means that in low-light situations, you won’t be capturing high quality photos. If you want to remember your night time memories, then it’s worth it to use a more quality camera that can use the proper settings. This will give you better photos so you can actually have some good shots from your experience.

Creating Prints

Again, smartphone cameras use fewer pixels and this can sometimes make it difficult when it comes to photography. While the amount of pixels works well for digital photos, it becomes a problem when you print them out. In many cases, your photos can come out blurry and hard to see. If you intend to print out your photos, a regular camera is your best option. You can further improve the quality of your prints based on the material you use. Printing your photos on canvas is ideal as it reduces glare and can be done affordably. You’ll end up with quality prints that do your memories justice.

Special Cases

With smartphone cameras, one of the biggest disadvantages is the lack of control you have. On a camera, you can adjust the settings to fit whatever situation you are in. You can control the exposure, the lighting, and many other settings. This helps you to get clear, quality photos that you can print and distribute. With a smartphone camera, you can’t adjust your lens at all and you only have limited control over a few settings. You can take good photos, but they won’t be as high quality as photos taken with a handheld camera. Whenever you experience special cases, you want to opt for a better camera.

Your smartphone camera can do a lot for you and it’s extremely convenient. While it might work well for social media pictures and quick memories, there are times when you want to use an actual camera. This will lead you to have better photos overall.

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