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Why You Should Spend More Time Outside With Your Kids

HomeWellnessWhy You Should Spend More Time Outside With Your Kids

Whether the weather is good or bad, kids love to spend time outside. If you have a fenced backyard, it can be tempting to turn them loose and continue going about your day. While this is helpful sometimes, you should also prioritize getting outside with them and spending time playing with them.

Get Exercise

If you are outside with your kids, you aren’t going to be sitting still. Whether you are going for a walk, playing catch, chasing them around, or playing yard games, spending time outside with kids is a constant state of movement. This is a great way to get regular exercise without having to carve time out of your day to dedicate to the gym or a workout routine. 

Instead, your exercise will come through functional movements. And because kids have so much energy, you are sure to get your heart rate pumping! You can also use this time to instill a love of regular exercise in your children that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Improve Your Mood

People spend so much time inside that even a little bit of time outside can be a great change. The more sun and fresh air you get on a regular basis, the better you will feel. Spending 15 minutes in the sun can help the skin absorb vitamin D. If you are spending this time with your kids, the benefits are likely to be even greater. 

It is so difficult to be down on yourself when you are with a happy child. Their energy and happiness are infectious, especially when coupled with good weather. If you are ever having a bad day, go play with your kids for 30 minutes. You are sure to feel refreshed and ready to tackle your problems.

Bond With Your Kids

Your relationship with your kids is an incredibly important thing to prioritize, and playing with them makes that easy. Kids want their parents to spend time with them doing fun things and even something as simple as a family walk is a great bonding time. You can use this time to talk with your kids and learn more about their life, or you can use it to just spend time together. When you are more present in their life, they will feel closer to you and be more likely to turn to you if they need help. The 15-minute game of catch may seem like just another thing on your list, but it is incredibly important to your kids.

It’s just a little time from your day, but the benefits you will get from spending time outside with your children are incredibly important for you and for them. It can take some adjustment, but making this a regular part of your schedule will do wonders for your health and for your family relationships.

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