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Transform Your CRM: Hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developers Today

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Discover the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 by hiring expert developers today. Transform your CRM experience with their specialized skills and insights.

Important Tips to Hire the Best Dynamics 365 Developers

Look for full-stack developers capable of not just configuring Dynamics but also building custom apps, workflows, integrations, etc.

Evaluate communication skills and transparency – they should keep you constantly informed.

Consider offshore developers who can deliver quality work at lower hourly rates.

Thoroughly check references and reviews from past clients.

Take time to vet candidates rather than rushing into a hiring decision carefully.

The ideal developer will have a mix of Dynamics 365 platform expertise, full stack technical breadth, solution design skills, and communication rigor and development methodology. Invest time upfront to find the perfect partner.

Best Practices for Managing Developers

  • Clearly define requirements including must-have features and ideal timelines.
  • Use project management systems like Jira to plan activities and track progress.
  • Set up daily or weekly touchpoint meetings and regular demos to align.
  • Focus developers on delivering the 20% of features that drive 80% of value first.
  • Provide all required assets like logos, content, and data schemas upfront.
  • Have a structured testing plan and resources to thoroughly validate new features.
  • Take an agile approach with development sprints every 2-4 weeks.
  • Manage scope and timelines closely while welcoming changes.
  • Give frequent constructive feedback on improvements needed.
  • Stick to payment terms and pay on time to motivate the best work.

Valuable Features to Request from Developers

  • Sales workflow automation for quotes, orders, and approvals.
  • Marketing campaign integration and attribution.
  • Comprehensive customer service case management.
  • Mobile optimization for anytime-anywhere usage.
  • Custom reporting and interactive dashboards.
  • AI-driven capabilities like predictive lead scoring.
  • Chatbots to engage website visitors.
  • Integrations with essential third-party apps.

The limit is your imagination – skilled developers can build amazing capabilities on top of Dynamics 365.

Maintain an ongoing wishlist of enhancements to improve your CRM continuously.

Accelerate Sales Productivity

Most firms rely on their sales teams to generate revenue. Maintaining your sales team’s peak productivity is crucial for growth.

This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 can make a significant effect.

With Dynamics 365 Sales, your team has access to a consolidated database of prospect and customer information, as well as tools for automating mundane tasks and optimizing interactions.

However, personalization and integration specific to your sales procedures can elevate things to the next level.

If you Hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developers they can turn your CRM into a sales productivity powerhouse by:

  • Customizing the Dynamics 365 interface to reflect your sales processes, including entities, fields, views, and menus that are tailored to your team’s needs.
  • This increases adoption across both field and inside sales.
  • Building automated workflows triggered by events like new lead creation, closed deals, inactive accounts, etc.
  • Workflows can update fields, assign records, trigger emails,, and other tasks to streamline repetitive manual work.
  • By developing customized dashboards, reports, and visualizations using data from Dynamics 365 and associated apps, sales management can have real-time access to KPIs like as pipeline trends, deal estimates, bookings by rep, and more to make informed decisions.
  • Integrating Dynamics 365 with important sales tools such as phone/SMS capabilities, e-signature, payments, sales approach analytics, and other tools that reps regularly use to improve workflow.
  • Enabling mobile optimization for Dynamics 365, allowing field reps to access CRM on the road from any device when offline and sync effortlessly.
  • Building custom interfaces, extensions, and apps on top of Dynamics 365 to deliver unique functionality tailored to your division or industry vertical.
  • Migrating all your legacy CRM data including accounts, contacts, opportunities, case histories, and more to Dynamics 365 for a complete view of customers.

Mature Dynamics 365 developers with sales application expertise can design and build a customized solution aligned perfectly with how your teams sell.

Transform Marketing with Dynamics 365 Developers

For modern marketing teams, Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables executing personalized omnichannel campaigns, tracking engagement in one place, and attributing every program and activity to revenue influence.

However maximizing marketing ROI from Dynamics 365 requires customization and integration geared for your tech stack, workflows, and analytics needs.

Developers can build a tailored solution to accelerate campaign velocity and amplify your impact including:

  • Creating a unified customer view in Dynamics 365 by migrating contacts, account history, interactions, transaction data, and more from all legacy systems. This enables segmentation and targeting.
  • Building custom entities, fields, and schema to capture campaign details, costs, and performance metrics needed for your workflow.
  • Creating views, dashboards, and reports tailored to marketing KPIs like campaign funnel conversion rates, ROI per channel, customer lifetime value trends, and more.
  • Integrating Dynamics 365 with marketing automation platforms like HubSpot and Marketo to track every interaction and score leads in real-time based on activity across channels.
  • Building workflows to update Dynamics 365 records based on email opens, form fills, content downloads, and other behaviors in your marketing tools. These powers lead scoring.
  • Creating workflows to deliver segmentation, personalization, and automation based on field values.
  • Send tailored emails when a condition is met (like 30 days after the last purchase).
  • Building integrations to sync customer data bi-directionally across tools to maintain clean CRM data.
  • Enabling mobile access for marketing leaders to monitor campaigns and contacts remotely.

Skilled Dynamics 365 developers can map your martech stack into an integrated ecosystem that empowers your team to execute campaigns at scale.

By eliminating fragmented systems and noisy data, you gain the visibility and control needed to run high-performance marketing.

Boost Customer Service with Dynamics 365 Customization

But custom-built solutions tailored for your support processes, organizational structure, and systems can take service excellence to new heights.

Developer capabilities to consider include:

  • Building an omnichannel support solution with consistent workflows across a self-service knowledge base, email, social media, chat and voice channels.
  • Customizing Dynamics 365 portals for B2C and B2B self-service scenarios including integrations with third-party chatbots.
  • Automating case management processes – from intelligent routing and escalation to notifications and document attachments.
  • Creating custom views for support roles like service manager, reps, and specialists for optimal productivity.
  • They are building SLAs, entitlements, and response templates to ensure a consistent support experience.
  • Embedding documentation and training materials directly into Dynamics for smarter self-service.
  • Creating surveys to capture and monitor customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores.
  • Building custom dashboards with support KPIs like case resolution times, CSAT trends, and more.
  • Integrating Dynamics 365 with email, social media, and other channels into a centralized workspace for faster context switching.
  • Power New Innovations with Dynamics 365 Extensibility
  • One of Dynamics 365’s most interesting features is the level of flexibility available through custom development.

Developers can create entirely new apps and functionalities on top of your existing Dynamics 365 platform.

Here are some potential innovations you can power leveraging Dynamics 365 extensibility:

  • Create custom mobile apps for unique business processes like field sales, warehouse management, or delivery.
  • Build new AI capabilities like predictive lead scoring, intelligence process automation, and sentiment analysis.
  • Launch chatbots on your website, Facebook, and other channels powered by Dynamics 365 customer data.
  • Develop custom modules, apps, and plugins tailored to your industry vertical, niche, or workflows.
  • Build IoT solutions leveraging Dynamics 365 to manage devices, assets, telemetry data, and more for scenarios like fleet management.
  • Create AR/VR experiences for sales reps, field workers, and customers – integrated with Dynamics data.
  • Extend core functionality with apps for finance, HR, operations and other divisions based on Dynamics 365.
  • Build apps on the Power platform enhancing Dynamics 365 with Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, and more.
  • Integrate with niche third-party apps relevant to your technology stack through custom extensions and APIs.

If you Hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developers they provide an amazing foundation for CRM success.

But customization and integration tailored to your needs is key to extracting maximum value.

Partnering with expert Dynamics 365 developers enables you to transform CRM into a strategic asset that gives you an edge.

With a personalized CRM solution, seamless integrations, and automated workflows – you can boost sales, enhance marketing, and deliver 5-star customer experiences.

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