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    Moana is a 3D computer animated movie produced by Osnat Shurer from Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures in America in 2016.

    Moana movie

    The film is directed by Ron Clements and John Musker. Their other successful movie projects include ‘The Little Mermaid’, ‘Aladdin’ and ‘The Princess and the Frog’.

    Moana literally means the Ocean and the movie is about the Polynesian tribe. Polynesia is a group of 1000 islands in the southern Pacific Ocean near New Zealand. It is a family adventure movie, a fantasy, humorous and a fun filled family entertainer.

    The film was released in theatres in the United States in November 2016 and it is said to have grossed more than 175 million dollars world-wide.

    The story of the family film is interesting as well as amazing along with the sounds and the music played behind the themes.

    It is about how the princess of the ocean, the daughter of a chief in the Polynesia’s tribe sets out to save her people in the ocean.

    Initially according to the Polynesian’s myth, Te Fiti creates life that takes the shape of an island. Maui a demi god steals the heart of Te Fiti. This brings destruction and a curse on the islands of the ocean.

    To save the people of the islands and restore the abundance of Polynesia, the princess Moana is chosen by the ocean to battle the demi god Maui to bring back the lost heart of Te Fiti.

    The animated scenes are awesome with great encounters between Moana and the demi god Maui. Great sound effects and inspiring visuals make it one of the best animated movies by Disney Pictures.

    There are a few critics about the family film itself. One such critic is that Polynesia is a culture of vast powerful heroic goddesses and such a goddess heroine is not presented in the film.

    Another one is that the companion of demi god Maui in the myth called Hina is not cast in the film.

    The voice of Mauna is amazing with fantastic sights of the sea and the sky.

    The scenes are so artistic and realistic that most of them will desire to watch the movie more than once.

    It is a great and fantastic family entertainer and a wonderful production by Disney.

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