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Popular Room Ideas To Try in Your Own Home

HomeEducationalPopular Room Ideas To Try in Your Own Home

Whether you have an adult child who has moved out or an extra room with no real purpose, it is time to put that spare room to use. There are endless possibilities for your spare room, from a playroom to a second living room. You can get started by checking out these popular room ideas to try in your home.

Home Theater

There is nothing like relaxing in your own home theater. You can watch your favorite movies in your pajamas without spending money on gas, your ticket, and snacks. Use a large television or projector to create a movie screen, and add reclining home theater seating to create a comfortable atmosphere. A mixture of streaming and DVDs gives you a wide selection of movies. Finish it off with a spot for popcorn, candy, and refreshments.

Children’s Playroom

You can also turn your spare room into a playroom for your children. This is ideal for parents who prefer minimal toys in their children’s bedrooms. It also works if you want to keep things organized because it provides extra space for their items. You can even separate it into small zones, such as reading, crafts, and actual toys. Be sure to add in a child-sized table and chairs for crafts and playtime, and consider a small couch with pillows and a television for relaxing.

Guest Bedroom

If you host overnight guests often, consider a guest bedroom to keep them comfortable during their stay. You want to add basic but still comfortable furniture to ensure their needs are met, such as a bed, nightstand, and dresser. You should also add a few pieces of decor to avoid creating a boring space. Another common idea I to add a tv and a game console of your choice. This gives your guests options for entertainment. The key is to give your guests a relaxing place to rest after traveling or unwind after sightseeing. You may need a guest bedroom for holidays, children’s sleepovers, and other special occasions.

Home Office

Working from home has become normal for many households, and you may be planning to join the remote workforce yourself. Turning a spare room into a home office gives you a place to work without distractions, especially if you need to take calls or hold in-person meetings with a partner or client. Your home office should have everything you need to create a productive workday, from your desk to various storage solutions. 

In addition, you can always decorate your space to your liking. You can include pops of color or keep it simple with black and white. You want your office to be a place for productivity as well as easement.

Hobby Room

A spare room can also become a place to comfortably work on your hobbies. A hobby room also keeps your supplies and creations safe from children and pets. Of course, the furniture you include depends on the purpose of the room. For example, a craft room may include a table to use as your workspace, storage for your supplies, and shelves for displaying your artwork. A music room may include storage for your instruments, speakers, and comfortable seating.

Second Living Room

You may decide to turn this spare room into a second living room, which is perfect if you have children or teenagers who like to use the living room often. Look into basic living room furniture such as a couch and side tables, and do not forget to add ample lighting and an entertainment center to your space. A second living room is especially a great idea for family members who are entertaining guests. It certainly beats fighting over the remote or the good spot on the couch.

Lounge Bar

You can also create your own lounge bar for unwinding after work or entertaining your guests. A small island with stools, shelving units for your spirits and glassware, and a wall-mounted television with streaming all create the perfect hangout for everyone. You can even add a mini-refrigerator, bar cart, pool table, and ample seating for the ultimate at-home lounge.

Walk-In Closet

Why not use your spare room to create a walk-in closet? This way, you have more room for your apparel and accessories. Start by investing in shelves, wall-mounted rods, and cubbies to organize your belongings. You can even add in a hat rack, portable clothing rack, and shoe organizer. Self-adhesive hooks on the wall are ideal for accessories. Finish it off with a mirror, seating, and ample lighting, and you have a spacious place to get dressed for the day.


The sky is the limit when finding a use for a spare room in your home. When you think outside the box and look into the right furniture and accessories, you can easily create the room of your dreams.

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