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Social Issue: Why is it best to not use Facebook?

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Facebook has been growing and reaching a large crowd day by day and has become one of the most widely used social platforms of recent times, but do you think Facebook is really a good thing.

Cons of Facebook

Behind all its advantages and amazing cover, there lie several long –term disadvantages which we have failed to see. Facebook has many privacy as well as trust issues which we overlooked. >

First of all, the major problem with Facebook is that its terms of service is not at all user-friendly and focuses more on the interest of the company. Along with this, there are several privacy issues with Facebook.

Facebook brought several changes in its privacy policy, but what its effects on the users will be is not clearly explained.

Facebook along with knowing and owning our information, also tends to make it available to the public for advertising purposes. This is unethical as well as pose a threat to our privacy.

Another major way in which Facebook bullies us comes at the time in which we actually want to get rid of it. Facebook doesn’t provide an easier option to delete your social account completely, instead, it just gives the option to deactivate it which is same as not using Facebook frequently.

For completely deleting your account, you have to search for a link and then delete it. Even after deleting the account, Facebook doesn’t guarantee that the user data will be completely deleted.

Talking from a more individual perspective the biggest reason behind not using Facebook is not these privacy and trust issues, but the implications this social media site is having on our social life. One of the worse ways to which it affects us is that it consumes a lot of our time which could’ve have used for several other purposes.

Rather than having a virtual social life, we can actually live in the real society and enjoy our time with our real friends. According to various studies and researches, Facebook makes us jealous, as well as, lower our self-esteem and make us compare ourselves with others.

Not using Facebook is not a choice which is based on the just privacy and social security issues of the site, but it is primarily based on the positive changes we want to see in our lives.


  • Facebook pose a direct threat to our social privacy and has a number of times accused of being a bully and unethical.
  • Quitting Facebook will create more time for us to get out of the virtual world and become more productive in real life.
  • It will also help us maintain deeper social connections with our friends and families in real life because the friends we have on Facebook are not really the people close to us. Half of the people in our friend list are those whom we hardly know.
  • It will also help to bring positivism as well as self-esteem in us as we will no longer compare ourselves to others.
  • The most important social issue to quit Facebook is the inadequacy of the application. In order to add several features and compete with other social media sites, Facebook has lost its basic focus.


  • The major con of not using Facebook is that it is the easiest way of being up-to-date with all the latest news and important announcements.
  • Facebook is also a great platform for sharing your business or project so that it can reach a wider audience. Not using Facebook can rather make it difficult for you to make your business popular.
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Rashi Kishore
Rashi Kishore
Rashi Kishore is a resident of Patna which is situated in Bihar, India. She is a Civil Engineer by profession. Her passion for writing has prompted her to contribute interesting reviews in the website. Her hobbies include reading, writing stories, poems and watching television series.



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