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10 Things You Need to Know about your Family Car Maruti Ignis

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Maruti has recently launched the Maruti Ignis which has a lot of features to offer. Along with having many new features, it is also the first car offered by Maruti which can be booked online.

Maruti Ignis review

  1. Lightweight Platform:-

It is claimed to be developed on a new generation platform which is believed to be lighter as well as more rigid than previous platforms. The platform is also known to provide more stability and helps in increasing the safety factor of the car.

  1. Safety & Protection:-

Maruti  Ignis has several special features such as ISOFIX, ABS and dual front airbags which ensure that it is safe and provides protection in most of the cases. The specifications of the car also adhere to most of the family safety regulations.

  1. Boot Space:-

The boot space of Maruti Ignis is quite a descent and is enough to hold around two bags easily. Although, the loading lip is considered to be a little high and inconvenience can be there while placing the luggage, but the split seat option provides a relief for extra luggage.

  1. Wheels:-

Ignis will sport the standard 15-inch wheels of alloys which are quite different from the normal pattern of Maruti who only offers alloy wheels in case of high variants. It is also seen that the design of these alloy wheels is quite different from the previous products.


Not many vehicles have previously been able to incorporate LED headlamps and Ignis will also utilize Daytime Running Lights or DRLs.

  1. Ground Clearance:-

Ignis boasts of a decent ground clearance of 180mm which minimizes the probability of hitting any obstruction on the ground. It is designed keeping in mind the requirements of an Indian road and is quite suitable for it.

  1. Body Color:-

Ignis also comes with an opportunity of choosing the dual exterior color options of the car. There are about three different choices available for the interior of the car and about nine options for the hatchback.

  1. Design:-

Most of the design concepts seen in the Ignis are incorporated from car models of the past. It uses the C-Pillar silts from the Fronte Coupe and its headlights are incorporated from the Cervo in the early 1970s.

  1. Engine:-

Ignis also offers the possibility of both petrol as well as diesel engines. It is equipped with the 1.2-liter K-series petrol engine and 1.3-liter MJD diesel engine and both of them contain AMT gearbox.

  1. Fuel Efficiency:-

Similar to most of its counterparts, the family car Maruti Ignis also boasts of decent fuel efficiency. It is estimated to have an efficiency of 20.89kmpl of the petrol engine and 26.8kmpl of the diesel engine.


  • It is considered to be lighter as well as more rigid than its previous counterparts.
  • The car also boasts of a high fuel efficiency.
  • It also provides a reasonable hybrid of both petrol and diesel engines.
  • Designed according to requirements of Indian Roads.
  • It promotes the Make in India program.


  • The family safety features employed in the car are not good as compared to other cars.
  • The compact size of the interior poses the problem of less availability of family space.
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Rashi Kishore
Rashi Kishore
Rashi Kishore is a resident of Patna which is situated in Bihar, India. She is a Civil Engineer by profession. Her passion for writing has prompted her to contribute interesting reviews in the website. Her hobbies include reading, writing stories, poems and watching television series.


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