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What is Tri-proof LED Lighting?

HomeStoriesWhat is Tri-proof LED Lighting?

Commercial places like shipyards or dockyards are leveraged to operate in fierce conditions. They are prone to experience heavy winds, storms, and splashes of seawater and thus, require a robust lighting solution that can withstand the harsh weather conditions. This is where the idea of Tri-proof LED lighting comes into play. It is an innovative lighting approach that favours safety, security, and stability in commercial spaces that are vulnerable to extreme working conditions. 

“Tri” in tri-proof LED lighting represents a numerical prefix three. It means that the lighting solution shares resistance against three nemesis of commercial lighting solutions i.e. water, dust, and corrosion. Simply put, Tri-proof LED lighting are LED lighting solutions or LED luminaires that are water-resistant, dust-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. They are specially designed with anti-corrosive materials and ensure supreme performance in challenging spaces.

Here are some benefits of tri-proof LED lights:

  1. Comprehensive protection

Tri-proof LED lights are completely protected against elements or factors that can harm the LED luminaire. They are dust-proof, anti-corrosion, and completely safe against water damage. These three integrated resistances provide comprehensive protection and make them perfect for installation in harsh environments. The anti-corrosive materials used in the LED luminaire postpone the reactions between the device and environmental elements (oxygen, alkalis, and solvents). Moreover, tight sealing and robust external covering save the circuit, drivers, and other critical components of an LED luminaire from dust and water damage.      

  1. Long life

Comprehensive protection against water, dust, and corrosion contributes significantly to improving the service life of the LED luminaire.  LED lighting solutions already have the longest life of almost 50,000 hours and these added protections complement the same. Moreover, they also ensure that the luminaire works perfectly well throughout its operational life and does not dim or lose its lighting output with time. They work perfectly fine and rarely experience any dip in performance due to environmental factors. 

  1. Efficient and Sustainable 

Tri-proof lights are LED lighting solutions that offer great benefits when it comes to sustainability and energy efficiency. Despite boasting a complex build with anti-corrosive and water-resistant materials, these LED luminaires do not contain any materials or substances (like CFL contains mercury) that are harmful to human health or the environment. Moreover, they convert almost 95% of the electricity into illumination and waste merely 5% as heat. This encourages sustainable use of energy and savings on energy bills. 

Tri-proof LED lights are of great advantage when a commercial space is aiming for energy efficiency, security, and sustainability simultaneously. They boast a robust build and are highly suitable for a host of commercial spaces like warehouses, storage facilities, manufacturing plants, open parking lots, etc. However, it is critical that you buy LED luminaires offered by trusted LED lighting manufacturers like Wipro Lighting.

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