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    We are all fascinated by the myths of people living thousands of years and often it is not just mere fascination, but the will to find a way to live a longer family life that attracts us to these tales.

    Increase life span

    Scientists and researchers all over the world are trying to find a way to achieve immortalize a human being, but haven’t been able to achieve the desired result.

    We still do not have the fountain of youth, but there are few ways which can help us live a happy and healthy life as well as add more years to our life.

    1)    Take a Walk:-

    Walking can prove to be an instrumental key in increasing our life expectancy according to scientists. Going for a walk daily for even 30 minutes can be very beneficial for health and also help to decrease the problem of obesity.

    2)    Quit Smoking:-

    I don’t think anyone will argue with the fact that quitting smoking can give a great boost to your life expectancy. Smoking not only leads to many respiratory problems but is also responsible for deteriorating health conditions of an individual.

    It is not wrong to say that getting rid of your smoking habit can be very beneficial for your health and can add those extra years into your life.

    3)    Have a Good Diet:-

    Ever wondered what kept us active during our childhood. No matter how much we hated the green veggies or healthy fruits, they played a huge role in keeping our body active and healthy.

    Consuming a healthy and balanced diet daily can directly lead to a healthy body.

    4)    Having a Good Sleep:-

    Maintaining a good sleeping habit is also very essential to have a long and healthy life. Sleeping habit depends on an individual’s schedule, but acquiring a minimum sleep of 7-8 hours is essential for a healthy life.

    5)    Be Around Friends and Family:-

    Our body is not the only thing which needs to be healthy. In order to ensure a long life, but it is our mind too which needs to be healthy as well. Being around your family, friends, and relatives can be very good for young health as well increase your life span.

    The reason behind this is however not known yet, but several results have found that having a positive and loving relationship in your life can help to relieve stresses and keep our mind healthy.

    6)    Keep your Mind Engaged:-

    Keeping your mind busy and involving yourself in new activities can also lead to a healthy, active and a sharp mind. People involving themselves in engaging in new activities like learning a new language, new skill, etc. have a longer life span.

    7)    Welcome Family Optimism:-

    Having an optimistic mind can relieve the stresses and decrease the psychological effects it has on our body. People having a positive outlook towards life and difficulties are more prone to having a longer life expectancy.

    8)    Helping Family People:-

    Helping other individuals and those in need can give you happiness as well as self-esteem. Various studies conducted all over the world has confirmed the fact that people who tend to participate in volunteering work or help others considerately have very healthy minds which help them to stay happy as well as have a longer life span.

    9)    Exercising Regularly:-

    Getting rid of the sedentary lifestyle and engaging yourself in physical activities and exercising daily can be very advantageous in achieving a healthy body and mind. It also serves as the best method to keep your immune system healthy and prevention against diseases.

    10)    Active Sex Family Life:-

    Studies have found that having an active sex life can also lead to an increase in longer life span. Although, the exact reason behind this results are not known, but researchers have linked it the fact that sex can be seen as a symbol of a good and healthy relationship.

    Having a loving and positive relationship in life can lead to longer life span.


    • These ways can help to increase the longevity of life.
    • They can also help in having a healthy body and lifestyle.
    • It plays an integral part in keeping the mind healthy.
    • They are good for having a positive outlook towards life.
    • They can also help us to value the relationships in our family lives.


    • Old people having a long life are very less likely to be productive towards society.
    • It also becomes tiresome for the elderly people to adjust themselves to the change in technological advancements.

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