What is Biomimetics? Taking Inspiration from Nature

Biomimetics is the term which represents the study and imitation of nature’s methods, mechanisms, and processes. Any complex human problems can be solved by looking for its answers in nature.

How Nature Inspires?

Creating innovations inspired from nature can help us improve our current technology and help us create many new possibilities.

Biomimetics has found its application in several domains and some of the exquisite examples of nature’s wonder are:-

Bullet Train:-

One of the classic examples of biomimetics is how a bird helped to make the bullet train quiet.

One of the major problems the engineers working on bullet train were facing was the fact that the train made a lot of noise whenever it exited a tunnel.

The chief engineer found the solution to this problem by looking for it in nature. He noticed that the Kingfisher bird doesn’t even create one splash while going from one medium to another.

He utilized this technique, quieted the train as well as increased its efficiency.

Regenerating body parts:-

And, yes, you have also read about it in your favorite magazines: those who are able to regenerate and regrow their body parts.

The Lizard, one of the villains in Spider-Man, was able to easily regrow his arm or tail or whatever body part Spidey would cut off. How could he do that?

Medicine professionals and scientists are actively researching these animals and their ways in order to figure out how they do this.

As the lizards are one of the closest creature having are generative property which is similar to humans, researchers around the world are viewing it as a way to regenerate various body parts like human limbs etc.

Researchers around the globe have a belief that if they can just replicate or follow the process through which lizards regenerate their tails, the door to regenerating many organs and tissues can be opened which will bring a revolutionary change in the world of medical sciences.

Painless Syringe:-

The smooth steel hypodermic we use makes contact with a number of nerves and is, therefore, uncomfortable. But new studies have found a way to create an artificial syringe inspired from mosquito bites.

Cement from CO2:-

One of the latest innovation which can solve one of the biggest problem faced by humans today, i.e. utilize CO2, one ofthe most prominent greenhouse gasses to produce cement which is the most used material in the world.

Self-Healing Plastics:-

Similar to our body’s ability to heal cuts, wounds, scrapes, etc. scientist are trying to make a composite material which will be able to heal itself.


  • Biomimetics can be the best way to find solutions for all human problems.
  • It can be utilized to create innovations which are environment-friendly.
  • They can also be employed to make existing technologies better.
  • This can also be used to harness the energy and resources effectively.
  • It also possesses precision as well as self-assembling capacity.


  • Enough knowledge of the subject is not available.
  • It is very easy to have a bad implementation of biomimetics.
Rashi Kishore
Rashi Kishore is a resident of Patna which is situated in Bihar, India. She is a Civil Engineer by profession. Her passion for writing has prompted her to contribute interesting reviews in the website. Her hobbies include reading, writing stories, poems and watching television series.



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