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7 Ideas to Have Personal Enrichment in Society

HomeWellness7 Ideas to Have Personal Enrichment in Society

Have you ever felt the need to live in a peaceful society? This is not possible without your involvement and your contribution.

How to achieve personal harmony?

How small it may seem you have a little responsibility to do the things you are obliged to do. You will be enriched to lead a life of harmony.

1. Enrichment of the soul

Enrichment of the soul

Over 2000 years ago, the word of God reached the man through Jesus Christ. He is the person who connects man to the Almighty.

All the human beings born to this earth are not because of what they are or what they did.

It is the creation of God, the supreme power in the universe. To know God means to know Jesus Christ.

The present state of where the person is; how the person is and what the person is, is only looked upon by men.

The Lord looks deep inside the person as He understands and knows everything of the person.

Jesus with His bloodshed cleanses all that is done wrong knowingly and unknowingly.

He removes the dirt within the person and puts a heart of holiness. With God he becomes meaningful, purposeful and useful.

Prayer connects man to the creator. God who is the greatest of all knows every detail of the person.

Man-God relationship has no boundaries and no limitations.

Love encompasses and all things become possible though Him. Jesus Christ is the savior.

He is the Son of God. He is the King of Kings. He is the Messiah.  All praise all glory and all honors to him.

2. The way, the truth and the life

The way, the truth and the life

Jesus Christ shows the way, the truth and the life for the human beings on earth. He is an image of God. He and the Heavenly Father are one.

Persons depending entirely on themselves will not yield results because it comes from man. What comes from God will stay forever.

Human understanding, human knowledge, human wealth, human wisdom, human creations, human power and human mind are little significant to the glory of God.

God made man not for the man to be selfish, jealous and greedy over the materials on earth. God made man to love Him with all his heart, with all his strength and with all his might.

God made man so that God’s love for man can be shown by men for his fellowmen.

As all are God’s children, every men shall live to His will fulfilling His purpose.

The things that are impossible for men are possible for Jesus. The Kingdom of Heaven shall be for those who accept Jesus in their lives.

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Those who believe in Jesus shall have eternal life and salvation. In Jesus life is abundant for those who live according to His word. Following Jesus means following His teachings.

Following His teachings means loving Him. Loving Him means loving the Creator.

3.What holds a person from reaching God?

reaching God

God created man in His own image. Since God is invisible to our naked eyes, does it mean that God is hiding? Never, He is visible to the eyes of one’s soul.

The most loving power who loves us beyond all human strength is God. That is why God sent His only son to earth to deliver all from their sins and live a life pleasing to God than to men.

Jesus showed His supremacy over all creations. The things that hold a person from reaching God is his own self. Living to God’s will ensure that He is always with the person and guides him in all his ways.

The disbelief that anyone holds to oneself is primarily the cause of the separation between man and God.

All worldly pleasures, material benefits and earthly living come to an end at one point or another.

The gifts that come from the Lord stay forever till the end of times.

4.Why is the prayer powerful?

prayer powerful

Does man connect to God? Heavenly Father is always reachable at all times and at all circumstances.

The relationship with God is unending even when man fails to reach to Him; He is watching and loving every time.

God is eternal. Man is mortal. Man becomes eternal through the power of Jesus and following the path.
Prayer is a means for mankind to connect to the supernatural, supreme, and almighty power of God.

Holy Spirit, Saints and angels support to enable our mission to unite to the Holiness of all creations.

Purity of soul is renewed, abundance of grace and mercy flow through the strength of prayer.

Prayer implies to call the spirit of one to reach the spirit of the Lord. ‘Our Father, who art in heaven…’ becomes a source of eternal energy.

5. Which is the right religion to worship?

right religion to worship

All religions teach the good things and the fair means of living. The belief that one religion holds may vary from people to people.

The practices and the rituals will be different for different communities.

People with similar opinions adapt ways to group together and follow a particular way of teaching.

According to Christianity, Jesus is the Savior, He is the Messiah and He is the Son of God.

It is through Him that a man will reach to the Heavenly Father.

He teaches to forgive and love others. The miracles He performed and is performing miracles to the belief and the faith of the people.

The resurrection of Jesus from death symbolizes the supremacy of Jesus over all creations of life on earth.

The Saints, Apostles and the Disciples of Christ are embodiment of Love, Happiness and Peace.

Christ has paved a way for everyone to travel and attain salvation. He has come to wash all the sins of the world and call for repentance among all.

A Kingdom of Heaven with God, the supreme power is a reality through Jesus Christ.

6. When does the life of a person become meaningful?

life of a person

The meaning of life is a general question, but its answer to each person is unique. This is because all people on earth are different from each other.

So being to live not only for but also to serve others and serve the Lord is meaningful.

Earthly living perishes one day or the other whereas living for the Lord ensures salvation and eternal life in the presence of God.

Will of God is not the choice of any person. It is the Will of the Almighty Himself.

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It should not be mistakenly taken to mean that the Will is to satisfy one’s own luxury in living.

Know Jesus to Know the Father and understand His Will. The Lord’s way is clear from the Holy book, Bible. Holy explanation helps to understand the meaning better.

Those who have lived following Christ’s teaching have in no way lost. All have space in the Kingdom of Heaven.

7. Where is the source of all happiness?


Happiness is the word that pulls everyone to enjoy as the same case with salvation. Peace, love and life are in no way an excuse to relish.
The source of all good things is God. Jesus is the source to reach the Father.

False teachings and false beliefs have misled a number of persons in the past.

Jesus does not want a single person to be un-noticed or un-touched.

His love and compassion have moved a billion hearts to live abundantly and fruitfully.

Anyone on earth even can ask, seek and knock to the door of forgiveness, humility, love and peace.

The road to heaven is narrow and not everyone can reach to it without the grace of Lord Jesus Christ, the only son of our God Almighty.

All things are through Him, with Him and in Him. All honor, glory and praise to the creator now and forever.

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Panchal C A
Panchal C A
Panchal C A is a native of Kerala in India. He has completed his B.Tech and MBA from Mahatma Gandhi university and Cochin university respectively. His hobbies include playing table tennis, reading books, and social networking.


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