7 Ideas You Need to Lead a Better Family Life

Do you dream of living a great family life? You need to consider a few things that will help you realize your dreams. Challenges are bound to come on the way but you may easily overcome them with a little preparation from your end.

How to lead a better family life?

1. A key to live happily at home

living fruitfully

At home, we live with different persons having different thoughts and different opinions. The idea that we possess may be indifferent to the ideas that our family members possess.

Disagreement and misunderstandings are obliged to happen. Living with it is the key to a happy life. Loving when there are disputes shall yield us to a peaceful mind.

There may be times when our interests are discarded. Our sister’s concern, our brother’s concern and our parent’s concern are considered more than ours.

So adjust to the situation because they will also adjust when it comes to our concerns.

We should care earnestly and sincerely to all our family members whole hardheartedly.

Our focus should not always rely upon us only but to appreciate the little improvements they bring about.

Likewise we get appreciated when we improve in our behavior and in our actions.

As each person is unique to oneself, we normally tend to change them. It may happen that we will be asked to change.

The solution is to accept as what they are or who they are or how they are, rather than you change or I change.

These qualities when applied in our everyday living shall help us to live a happy life.

2. Significance of families

live peacefully

A person born to this world is associated with a family. The family can be the members of the same blood relation, members in the society and people across the world.

Our own thinking can only restrict us from narrowing our family members to be our parents and our siblings.

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A broader perspective is to visualize family as our cousins and our relatives.

A still larger picture depicts that all the persons in the world constitute one entire family.

The beliefs, the lifestyle, the culture, the customs, the civilization and the nature of the people seem different based on the place where they belong to.

According to my observation, the virtues of a small family can bring about the virtues for an entire global community.

The world is a combination of a number of families and societies. Good families are the backbone for a better world.

Living in a family signifies that a person belongs as a part to the entire world.

The minute contribution of a single person to the family gets multiplied when it reaches the world.

Insignificant it may seem that a little good can change the entire world over a period of time.

Strange but true!

3. Solutions applicable to family problems

Solutions applicable

In a family there will be persons with different as well as indifferent actions, behaviors and interests. Members in the family are bound to have conflicts, disagreements and problems.

This means that growth is taking place. Understanding, knowledge and respect progress along by facing obstacles. Suppose it happens a person does not have problems or conflicts, it is better for him to check what has gone wrong in the family system.

When family problems raises beyond the tolerable limits, take care that a few basic approaches to solutions are adapted to overcome the same.

No man is perfect and no man live by himself, that is where co-operation takes an upper hand to tackle the hurdles and the drawbacks that exists in each one of us.

Importantly positive thoughts, positive words, positive attitude and positive living can bring a positive energy to our family.

Together family outings can reduce the communication gap that is found among each other in the family.

Moreover accept, adjust and appreciate.

4.Why family is more important than work?

family is more important

Is family work and working family the two dimensions of life? Family and work can be considered as the two hemispheres of the same sphere.

The upper hemisphere is the family and the lower hemisphere is the work. All the activities done at home is not meant as work as it does not pay.

The activities done at office is meant as work as it pays. Being a family man should not be on the compromise of poor performance at work.

Family-Work balance is important. The family is chosen by God. To be family of a spouse is chosen with the person’s interest as well.

Likewise a career blossoms by the mutual agreement of the employer and the employee. Take an example of a person being sick.

The sickness is taken care of by family with the involvement of medical assistance. On the other hand, the work pays for taking necessary measures to cure the sickness with medicines.

Thus family and work together solves a number of problems, tribulations and struggles. People first are a better way to look at the situation of meeting both the ends.

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Holistic growth shall bring out improvement and progress in the mission to lead a prosperous family and grow a wonderful career.

5. Measures to live peacefully

family life

Too often in everyday routine, people may tend yielding to emotions. The feelings may get disturbed. When situation of uneasiness arises due to the behavioral aspects, the positive qualities that are present in any persons may be forgotten.

Then it grows producing more and more comforting means to meet the needs.

In crisis only persons can bring out new ideas for living.

Ability to understand, opportunity to grow, overcoming the impossibilities, reaching the unattainable and finding solutions for unexpected disputes become a reality.

This hurdle is undertaken by putting the traits of kindness, gentleness and simplicity in action.

A person who is kind is sure to get kindness in return. A person who is gentle is sure to get gentleness in return.

A person who is simple is treated in simplicity. These form the basis of being sustainable in all conditions and in all circumstances.

Kindness, gentleness and simplicity are hidden in each person.

These qualities have to be nurtured and conditioned to suit the requirements for everyday living. Demonstrating them in actions shall produce desirable outcomes.

6. Art of living fruitfully

live happily

Thoughts lead to thinking. Thinking leads to words. Words lead to actions. Actions lead to behaviors. Behavior leads to habits. Habits lead to deeds. Deeds lead to character.

Character leads to the person who he is. Looking at who the person is and what the person does make an impact to the society as a whole.

The golden rule, ‘Do unto others as you want them to do for you’ applies quite well in everyday living.

Why then people are not willing to take up the challenge to build their own personality?

Each individual is unique. Likewise personality is also unique. Personalities that take care of other’s interests are well appreciated as it will be apart from selfishness, jealousy and greediness.

Good habits is what that can be changed in us to adapt to the different circumstances.

A friendly person is always welcome to any discussions and interactions. Behavior friendly helps to understand the needs of other persons.

Thoughts may be negative or negative.

Our effort is required to cultivate the positive waves in the mind. Mingling, socializing and maintaining relationships is the key to stick to the policy of ‘give and take’.

What is given to others can be taken back in the same manner.

It is better to give and receive when the same is given in return, rather than taking chance to take it.

Practice these a little and yield a fortune.

7. Ladder to attain success


Success is indeed living to one’s expectations, than living to the expectations of others. The signs of successes are good health, stable mind, praying soul, sufficient wealth, enough knowledge, growing career, friendly relationships, having God’s blessings and enjoying happiness.

This does not mean that success is without struggles, hard work, tribulations, sorrows, sadness, hatred and evils.

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Success signifies that the person has the ability to overcome these vices and move forward towards prosperity.

The credit of being successful is not because of a single person’s effort but a collective effort since each man is dependent on every other person in the world.

Feeling happy at home will lead to spread happiness across relatives, friends and persons in the society.

Love dwells among all. This produces a feeling within oneself that he is in the right direction of growth.

A person cannot play a drama, being happy at home, but feeling sad at work or being happy in the society but feeling sad at home.

A person who is truly happy shall live happily in all areas around him.

This implies happiness is not what is found outside but what is felt inside everyone. Success too spells the same tone as happiness to all.

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