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Is Instagram Only For Teenagers?

HomeContent MarketingIs Instagram Only For Teenagers?

76% of US teens prefer Instagram over other social networking sites today.

Instagram has hit the whooping 1 billion user mark in 2018. The image & video based networking site is fast rising on the popularity chart, topping over giants like Facebook & Twitter. But who are the most active users on Instagram?

Well, it’s the teens who form the most loyal users of the platform- so much so that Instagram today is often dubbed as “fiefdom of teenagers”.

Every 1 in 5 children (read teens) uses Instagram every hour. There is no denying of the fact that the image-based social networking site is a top favorite in the teen tinsel town.

So, what is it that makes Instagram so popular with teens today? Well, the post below aims to delve into the major factors that have made Instagram synonymous with 21st century teenagers.

Visual communication

This is the #1 reason behind the mounting popularity of Instagram among teens. The Generation Y is extremely fond of visual communication. They are a busy bunch and are not ready to splurge time in time-consuming paragraphs after paragraphs of text. Instagram perfectly complements the current inclination towards visual communication through its image & video-based communication module.

But Instagram is the first one to have introduced a completely visual communication-centric portal, much to the pleasure of 21st century teens.

Increasing use of smartphones

The evolution of smartphones has redefined internet browsing big time. Teens form one of the largest user bases of smartphones. In 2018 around 95 percent of them have easy access to a smartphone.

And they love browsing on the fly. Now, the convenience of easy browsing on the go facilitated by smartphones coupled with teens’ inclination to visual-based communication have together propelled the rise of popularity of Instagram among teenagers.

Entry at 13

The minimal age requirement to create an Instagram account is 13 years. It makes it easier for teenagers to take part in the “Insta-buzz” the moment they step into teenage.

Complements popular hobby

 Photography is one of the most popular hobbies practiced by the Generation Y today. Modern smartphones are being engineered with superior camera quality that makes it easier to capture spectacular shots without the need to carry a separate camera.

This particular convenience offered by the smartphones of today has further piqued the popularity of Instagram among teens. Being an image-centric site, the platform offers a great opportunity to teen photographers to flaunt their captures to the world easily. And they duly appreciate the fact that Instagram enables them to practice their favorite hobby to its fullest.

Amazing photography filters

Instagram not only allows one to upload the photos but also helps to give a professional touch with its advanced filters. In fact, the site is known for the most creative and coolest filters in the virtual scene. Thanks to these filters, the amateur teen photographers don’t have to stress about the typical newbie photography glitches as the filters can fix all such issues.

From addressing the problems with saturation level to white balance issues, the Instagram filters can work wonders with all wishes. Put simply, these filters can transcend any amateur capture to the perfect pro shot in just minutes.

A new age marketplace

This is another major reason behind the popularity of Instagram among teens.

Instagram also serves as a cool new age marketplace today and it’s one of the main reasons behind its popularity among teens.  Most of the latest brands are active on Instagram. This way, the platform allows teens to check out and buy the new trends in teen fashion while scrolling through the stories of their favorite celebs. Being a high traffic marketplace, Instagram is also fast becoming a viable launch platform for aspiring teen entrepreneurs.

The crisp hashtag trend

As mentioned previously, teens today prefer things short and streamlined. Long captions are a strict no-no for them. And this is where Instagram’s “hashtag” trend has come up as a winner among the modern teenagers. The trend has replaced boring long text captions with short and crisp tags that double up the fun further.

Last but not the least, winding up, we will sum up the entire discussion in Instagram’s own style- #teensloveinsta.

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