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How to live in present moment (NOW)

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Have you been so stress lately? That it almost took your life away? That you feel life is not good to you? That whatever you do, you still face many negative things? Do you also wonder why it always happen to you?
You think that life is unfair, no matter what you do to get up life always kick you down. I know constant bombardment of negative thoughts everyday is really hard, it sucks life out of you. No matter what you do, you can’t live in present moment but don’t worry I’m here to help you out.
There are several reasons why you can’t live in present moment

You think what people will say about you.

We are always concerned of what other people think of us, that’s why we are always careful of what we do. We over analyze ever steps we take and we worry too much about other people will say about you.

The problem here is your decision about your life depends now on the people around you, we should also think of other people too. We should also be sensitive on other people’s feeling but not to the point that you develop fear of rejection.

As a human being our decisions and actions should also have positive effect on other people not the other way around. But what usually happens is we develop fear of criticism we please people around us, I tell you that you can’t please anybody no matter what you do. No matter how nice you are other people will always say something bad about you.

So what you need to do??

Well you need to let go of your attachments of other people’s opinion, no matter what they say it’s just their opinion. It doesn’t mean anything until you believe it means something, you need to let go of your fear of rejection and criticism.

Don’t live your life pleasing everybody , because if you do you are just putting your self in endless cycle of suffering why? Because people have different personalities If that person has a bad attitude​ no matter how hard you try to be nice to that person it will not work, the problem is not you so just move on and live your life according to what you want.

You worry too much

Try to observe yourself, every time there is a problem what happen to your mind? It starts to think random thoughts right? Especially major problem, when we have a problem we create random scenarios in our mind that we think that’s how we will end up, we let our mind fly and run around like a mad man.

We always scare ourselves by just thinking of scenarios that we think will happen to us as a result of that problem. As a result we spend most of our time thinking about it, unconsciously we magnify the negativity that’s why you are stress and burn out. Of course, we are just human getting stress out is natural there is nothing wrong with that but the problem is we don’t know what to do about it.

So what you should do about it?

First of all you need to check your mind, the root cause of worrying too much is expectations and expectations lead to fear,we are afraid of things will not happen according to what we want. All of us expect that our lives should flow smoothly, no problem and no challenges. But that is not the case right?

Life is full of challenges no matter what you do as long as you are alive you will have challenges, most of us feel life is unfair to them especially if things happen against their expectations. Well I tell you a lot of things in your life will happen against your expectations, so let your expectations go.

The real secret of living in present moment is to not worry about what will happen to you, we should let go of the expectation​ of the things that should happen in our lives. Allow the things to fall into the right place but it’s a long process, I am not saying just let yourself to get hit by a car whenever you are crossing the street, you should take care of your life.

What I am just saying is always look at the bigger picture everything has purpose, each situations has lessons for us we need to focus on that . Think that everything will be alright.

Trauma,emotional, and mental wounds

All of us experience this, some are very traumatic that we almost lose our will to live, trauma,mental, and emotional wounds are major blockages that prevent us from living in present moment.

It haunts us even if the actual situation was over, the wound and trauma are still there, it disturbs your mind everyday. Some wounds especially big wounds will almost destroy yourself that it is almost impossible to recover from that.

What you should do about it?

Do everything you can to recover from that, it could be therapy or other method especially if it’s a really big wound or a very traumatic experience, time alone is not enough to heal your mental and emotional wound, it takes time and your will to heal yourself.

For other issues like for example your partner cheated on you , forgiveness is the key to heal your wound but it depends on how deep the wound is , sometimes if it leaves a very deep wound in you it also take time to heal yourself and you need to help yourself to move on, take responsibility of your self.

These are just some of the factors that prevent you from living in the present moment,I need to write a book to discuss all of the factors because there are too many .
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