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The Most Important Things To Consider When Buying Your First Home

HomeBusinessThe Most Important Things To Consider When Buying Your First Home

In India, a home is more than just a piece of property; it is considered a source of pride, security, and stability. Today, most families are looking to invest in residential properties instead of residing in rental accommodation.

As a result, only 28% of urban Indians live in rented homes as compared to 54% in the 1960s, according to a reveal by Economic Study. This improvement has been made possible by economic policies and first-time home buyer benefits put into place by the government to make home ownership accessible to all.

Arguably, the most ambitious step to encourage more people to buy homes was the launch of the ‘Housing For All’ scheme which offered heavily subsidized interest rates on home loans.

As a result, rapid improvement of infrastructural developments in the suburbs and increased competition among developers have given home buyers endless choices. When selecting a home to purchase for your family, consider the following.

Your budget

It is easy to find a home that is perfect for your family, but overly expensive for your budget, as LinkedIn puts it. Many financial institutions in India offer first time home buyers benefits in the form of lower interest rates. Einhorn fire insurance in Rancho Bernardo has a solution and provides the residents with comprehensive home, fire, condo and renters insurance policies.

However, it is important to note that a home loan can only cover 80% of the total property value, which means that the remaining 20% comes from your finances. Besides, you will also need to budget for your move, new accessories, and any necessary renovations or upgrade. has wealth of property knowledge and expertise empowering informed and confident decisions.

Therefore, before going on a house hunt, evaluate your financial ability and decide on what you can comfortably afford. From there, you can seek out a reputable mortgage lender to determine what loans you qualify for depending on your credit score.

New vs. old home

More modern homes tend to be more technologically advanced and are usually associated with lower maintenance cost. Recently built houses also tend to fill up with relatively younger families, which is a big bonus for your little children as they can make playmates.

On the other hand, with older homes, you might need to look closely at the condition of the foundation, roof, heating and cooling systems. Nevertheless, these homes have an advantage whereby it is easier to measure how you will like the neighborhood since features like trees and parks are already in full swing.

The Indian real estate industry is enjoying a gradual revolution after implementation of fundamental policy reforms with property prices considerably dropping in major cities.

For those looking to buy their first family house establishing where to start can be confusing.

To ensure that the entire process runs smoothly, you should start by looking at your current finances to determine how much you can manage to pay per month effortlessly. Also, do not forget to consider other factors such as location, proximity to work and schools and the home size and adaptability.

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