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How to Integrate digital marketing strategy into SMS?

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Digital marketing is the only strategy that is ever-changing as innovation creates new opportunities for marketers every day.  Along with it, you should adopt new technology to keep the head of your competitors. It is now more important than ever to get in front of the right targeted people at the correct timings with the valuable product.

With the wide choice available across digital media, for marketers, it is vital to devise multi-channel campaigns in order to capture their attention when they’re at the end point of the buying cycle and ready to engage with you and your products.

Do you know? Why new and existing entrepreneurs should use the current trend of Bulk SMS messaging into their digital marketing campaigns?

Unrivaled open & conversion rates

There are high chances of people opening your text messages according to studies conducted by experts SMS has 98% open rates and high conversion as compared to traditional mediums.

Targeted marketing

Being a digital marketer you can create different messages based on the interests and challenges faced by your different segments of consumers for better response.

Include short links

Include short links of your landing pages for a consistent experience into your digital marketing ads and text messaging campaigns.

API integration

Send follow-up communications automatically through SMS API based on interaction with other digital marketing campaigns.

However, these trending digital marketing strategies keep marketers on their toes trying to innovate smart ways to engage their different set of audiences.

Well, there are 5 irresistible reasons to integrate SMS into your next online marketing campaign:

It has high ROI

One text SMS will cost you mere cents but generally, it resulted in a huge return-on-investment if teamed with an incentive like exclusive discount codes or offer. Online marketing is also the form of mobile marketing and mobile marketing through SMS is vastly cost effective.

It is trackable

Partner up with prominent and reliable Bulk SMS gateway provider to enjoy intelligent tracking of your campaigns. Today, almost every one of us is having a smartphone with browsers, marketers can also track given short links to measure the success rate of their marketing campaign.

It keeps people loyal

You can make your existing and new clients happy and special by making them a part of exclusive community with doorbuster discounts, promotional deals, special invites on events and a lot more. Make it worth so they keep coming back for more.

It nurtures good leads

By including a keyword with a short-code, you can enable people to opt-in for your services to receive new offers on your products. You instantly have hundreds of new leads from different customers. If you offer them something valuable, they will spread the word to their family and other friends.

It is personal

Other marketing tools like print media is not personal. People usually have just one mobile number, you can smartly create your online advertising campaigns personally for the right audiences. In the world of digitization people prefer to do work from their smartphones, so you can be more personal and customized in your messaging.

Being a digital marketing expert, make SMS as your part of a promotional strategy to succeed from your all competitors because success is a journey, not a destination!

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Prashant Shrivastav
Prashant Shrivastav
Hello, I am Prashant Shrivastav, Digital Marketing Expert at MsgClub® - A Leading Bulk SMS Company in India. We are helping individuals and small to enterprise level companies by providing smart solutions such as bulk SMS, voice call SMS, SMS marketing tools and many more solutions. For any query or business partnership you can contact us at


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