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    What’s the major difference between these two marketing methods and why does it matter? The answers may leave you in surprise.

    Many small owners struggle hard to decide which kind of marketing they need to opt, because of the limited budget of the company. To clarify their doubts, I will give you the right answer.

    Print ads, newspapers and magazines are simple examples of traditional marketing. Other examples include flyers that are put into emails, TV commercials, radio, and billboards. On the other hand, if a company wants to invest in website building, brand name in the market through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter then this kind of strategies comes in digital marketing.

    Furthermore, an increase in the use of smartphones opened an opportunity for marketers to raise their brand image through a mobile marketing that means SMS marketing campaigning. In the world where everything is digitalized why you do not include bulk SMS messaging through an online platform. A platform provider will offer you an API which is a new technology to use functionalities of another system into own system or app. As for marketers, it is not possible to set up a gateway to send messages so for this reason, SMS APIs came into existence. Social fire starter is a web design company that specialize in online marketing and custom website design for your internet marketing services.

    You’ll get various programmable API like SMS API Java, PHP, C#, with the sample code for developers. SMS is the traditional as well as an online marketing medium. The first SMS was sent on 3rd December 1992 from Neil Papworth and still, it is using by individuals and business owners for sharing important information.

    Moreover, a traditional marketing brings greater benefits like-

    You can reach out to a local audience-

    A radio ad might play in one location either in city or region or mailbox flyers will deliver to households in a selected number of suburbs but if you choose text SMS as an online mobile marketing tool than the information will be conveyed straight into customer’s hand.

    The materials can be kept-

    The audience can keep the hard copy with them which they can read or access in future over and over.

    It’s easy to understand-

    It is easy to be understood by almost every people because people are already exposed to this kind of strategy.

    On the other hand, the benefits of Digital marketing includes-

    You can focus on a local audience as well as an international one-

    In the online marketing world, you can run your campaign as per the audiences specific demographics such a location, gender, age & interests.


    Give audiences a choice-

    If one person wants to read a blog, another one likes to watch Youtube, traditional marketing doesn’t give a choice to people. Many people don’t want to receive flyers into mail or phone calls during working hours. But in online marketing, audiences get a chance to opt-in or out of communications.

    Digital marketing tools are money-saver-

    Investing your money on online paid campaigns is cheaper as compared to other traditional marketing.

    Data & results are easily monitored-

    With the ‘Google Analytics and the insights tools offered by social media platforms businesses can analyze their campaign success anytime, anywhere. You can measure the real-time performance what is or what not working for your enterprise or organization. You can quickly make good strategies to improve your results.

    Brand development-

    A well designed and updated website with high-quality content targeting the needs and adds value to your audiences can give you lead generation opportunities. You can even add links to your website into SMS contents to redirect your recipients directly on the landing page this will increase your engagement as well as website traffic.

    So, what do you think which type of technique is better in this world? We recommend you both because everyone has different industry niche. We’re highly passionate about ‘Digital marketing’ because we know it has a great scope. But some leaders use traditional material too.

    How to use this both kinds of marketing?

    Traditional or old forms of marketing methods support the latest digital marketing efforts. The two do not operate in exclusion from each other. Some big marketers usually use hard copy marketing materials to strengthen the brand image plus a relationship with prospects and another client. But we suggest you don’t an investment in television commercials or radio ads, instead give brochures or notifications to someone who is interested.

    Rather than taking an all, it appears like a multi-channel marketing channel that leverage the advantages of paper with the convenience and accessibility of digital things.

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