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Air Balancing 101: 5 Ways To Avoid Hot And Cold Spots

HomeWellnessAir Balancing 101: 5 Ways To Avoid Hot And Cold Spots

Air balancing is very important for homeowners because it will enhance the energy efficiency of air conditioning and heating system in the home. There are many other benefits that will be seen too such as increased air circulation and overall optimal performance from the HVAC system. This article will introduce the concept of air balancing and give 5 ways to avoid hot and cold spots.

So What Exactly is Air Balancing?

Air balancing is just as it sounds; making sure that all the air output from the HVAC system is evenly distributed throughout the home.

1. Make Sure Your Filters are Clean

When you have dirty air filters, your air conditioning and heating system are essentially working harder than it should be. Cleaning your filter or installing new filters will immediately increase your system’s efficiency and help ensure your home is air balanced. The air quality in the house will also be improved and you might notice you breathe better! Not only will you live healthier with a clean filter, but you’ll also save money on your energy bill since your HVAC system will be running more efficiently.

2. Always Leave Your Thermostat Fan Setting “ON”

This is an important tip to keep in mind. You probably know how your thermostat has two fan settings: “ON” and “AUTO”. If you keep the Fan Setting switched to “ON”, then this will ensure that the fan is always blowing and distributing more air throughout the house. If you have the fan in the “AUTO” setting, the fan will intermittently shut off, and this could lead to hot and cold spots.

3. Make Sure You Cover Your Windows

Covering your windows with blinds or drapes is a simple way to help with air balancing. Of course, this is because the windows are glass and this means the temperature outside will greatly influence the indoor temperature. A simple way to curtail the impact of windows is to cover them. You can not only make your house more energy efficient but also design a great unique home style with window coverings!

4. Check for Airflow Blockage

It is a good idea to try and not block vents in your home with furniture or other obstructions. This is because the vents are there to increase air flow, and an obstruction right in front of the vent will just cause the HVAC system to work harder. You can look at where the vents are in each room of your home and keep that in mind when designing the room and figuring out where you want to place furniture.

5. Do Not Place Electronics Too Close to Thermostat

The final tip is an often overlooked one, but surprisingly effective. Similar to the last tip, you simply need to be mindful of where each thermostat is located throughout your home and keep the area around them free from not only obstructions but also electronics. This is because electronics will overheat the thermostat and stress your system. The best plan of action is to just position the electronics in your home farther away from the thermostats if possible in order to achieve optimal air balancing in your home.

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