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Different techniques and methods of Thai massage

HomeWellnessDifferent techniques and methods of Thai massage

Whether you are dealing with various health conditions and need immediate relief or have been looking for a relaxing experience, Thai massage is the way to go. The Thai massage one of the most renowned therapies around the world and it is easy to find a place to get a professional Thai massage Chicago from almost any corner in the city.

While Thai massage is a great support for people looking for immediate relief from pain and stress, but the unawareness about the techniques may lead to some misunderstanding. No wonder how Thai massage helps you improve mental and physical conditions, but it’s always good to have some information about the massage therapy you are planning to get.

Here are the most common and amazing Thai Massage techniques.

Foot Massage

It’s not like the stretching or massage you get in the gym, but something different and must be done by an expert in Thai massage. In fact, most Thai couples massage sessions start with a foot massage. The professional will then proceed to the other body parts. Usually, it’s done on a floor mat with the client being fully dressed.

A professional in the Thai massage will use thumbs, forearms, elbows, and even knees for massage. You may consider a holistic approach to bring relaxation for your mind, body and spirit in Thai massage edmonton.

Blood Stopping

This is another common technique of Thai massage Chicago. The process of this technique requires expertise as the professional will need to identify the specific blood circulation points on the arm or leg. Pressure is put on the specific points to cut the blood supply in specific areas for about a minute or less. When the blood supply is released, the blood will rush to into the area, which results in more relaxation.

Top rated premium massage chairs will be able to stand the test of time while being used in real world conditions that satisfies your needs.


Reflexology Thai massage technique involves putting emphasize on the specific points on legs. Special attention is paid on the feet as it’s believed and proven that more energy on legs and feet will result in allowing the clients to feel closer to the earth.

Deep Tissue Massage

This is another popular form of Thai massage Chicago therapy that involves the highly complex body part – deeper tissue structures. This may seem very much similar to the Swedish massage therapy, but the pressure it a lot more intense with deep tissue massage.

Thai massage may be time consuming, so when you plan to give some relaxing experience to your mind body and soul, make sure to give yourself enough time to feel the relaxation. Unlike the other massage therapies, Thai couples massage is much longer, lasting up to three hours.

And since it’s done on the floor mat, you feel more grounded and attached to the earth for better blood flow and relaxation. It’s particularly important to have the support of a professional expert in the Thai massage for better results.

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