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5 WooCommerce Marketing Techniques to Increase Sales

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Stating an online store has become a good business option in today’s time. The WooCommerce plugin offered by WordPress provides an easy way to create a virtual marketplace. This plugin is one of the biggest reasons for which people want to migrate websites to WordPress.

In this article, we are discussing WooCommerce marketing techniques which will help e-commerce operators in registering increased sales. Launching a store is easy but making it popular among potential customers is hard work. Business owners need to have an in-depth understanding of the target audience’s thinking process as well as know about the tricks to improve the conversion rate of their store. Let’s take a look at the best marketing strategies which can help e-commerce merchants earn more revenue.

1. Create Urgency About A Product Or Sale Offer

One of the best ways to persuade people to make a purchase is to create urgency about a product. Adding a countdown timer for a sale offer will convey to visitors that the benefit will be over shortly. This will encourage them to buy products at reduced prices before the offer ends. Displaying an expiry date for the promotional scheme will make people feel that the product/service will not be available at lower rates later. This is a good method of drawing the attention of visitors towards items that the business wants to sell.

2. Include Product Videos Along With Descriptions

Most e-commerce entrepreneurs know that they must provide clear and engaging descriptions for the products. They include well-shot images of the items to give a fair idea about them to visitors. In order to provide a detailed visual description of the merchandise, store owners must insert videos along with photos. People like to watch videos rather than read descriptions. Besides, a clip will help them in understanding the working and features of an item. These small films can be shared on other platforms like video-sharing networks and social media channels.

3. Provide FAQs About The Products

One of the biggest reasons people do not conduct an online purchase is because they are unsure about the product. Even with clear descriptions, images, and descriptions, potential consumers may have doubts about a product. Business owners must think from the customer’s point of view and identify the questions that can be asked about an item. They must compile such queries and provide their answers on the product pages. Including FAQs about the merchandise is one of the most innovative WooCommerce marketing techniques that will convince people to buy.

4. Place Social Buttons On Product Pages

Social media has emerged as a powerful platform which can be used for marketing products or services. Enterprises are using these channels for increasing user engagement to drive up their sales figures. WooCommerce store owners must place social sharing buttons on all the products pages. This will enable users to share an item with their followers on social networks. They must create profiles of their business on all the major networks and allow people to review and recommend their enterprise on these channels.

5. Personalize The User Experience

Personalization is an effective strategy to communicate with the target audience. Create a buyer persona and then frame your marketing strategy. This will make the visitors feel as if the message is being conveyed directly to them. When communicating with registered users, their names must be used and personalized emails must be sent on special occasions. All these tactics will make customers feel valued and they will continue to use the store for their buying needs.


The WooCommerce marketing techniques mentioned here will help entrepreneurs earn more revenue but they must monitor the performance of their store continuously along with learning about customer expectations. This will help them in creating a suitable promotional strategy for their venture.

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Jacob Graves
Jacob Graves
Jacob Graves is a Sr. WordPress Developer at HireWPGeeks Ltd, a company that provides Drupal to WordPress conversion in a convenient manner. He is a passionate writer and loves to share Wordpress and SEO related tutorials.


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