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Nightlife in Mumbai

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Mumbai is known for its vivid timeless efforts that keep the city awake 24 hours. When a city is awake for 24 hours, it is bound to function. The functioning occurs throughout the day and even at night. Well, no one has the time or energy to live out loud during the day, call it exhaustion due to the humid weather or people’s judgments, however, there is ample of time during the night. As such, there is no defined time for the night in Mumbai, the sun sets, it gets dark, yet, all the Mumbaikars keep on functioning tirelessly.

It becomes a necessity for the citizens of this gigantic city to ease off and blow the steam occasionally to increase productivity. Everyone has a different method of releasing the stress and this combination of various activities is what makes Mumbai’s nightlife peculiar and happening.

Night Clubs

Night Clubs are the most popular form of stress relief as everything is found under one roof, like food, music, dance floor, drinks and a place to socialize.

There are an ample number of night clubs in Mumbai that open at 7 in the evening and close at 1:30 past midnight. With a number of clubs located around the city, even in the suburbs, the night time doesn’t seem upset on the weekdays as well. The schedule on weekdays seem pretty tight, yet, even the slightest chance to have a drink isn’t missed by anyone.

Night clubs are popularly located in the most happening part of the city or around corporate premises. There are a few located in Bandra, Lower Parel, Andheri, Bandra Kurla Complex etc. These are primary locations for going dancing and clubbing. These clubs are completely occupied on the weekends, however, on the weekdays, they may seem quite flattering.

Long Drives

For some driving is an exercise, yet, for others it’s like meditation, peaceful and sound, making us realize the worth of each passing minute and meter.

Long drives are a very important part of Mumbai’s nightlife. People put on their bed suites, sit in the car and just drive into the cool wind along the Arabian Sea on the shores of Nariman Point or Worli Sea face. Yes, it does help in easing the stress and giving complete solitude to the mind; quintessentially required for thinking.

Couching at Sea Face

You must have heard people say, “Mumbai is just a name, but Bombay is a feeling!” Well, at some point in time it is true, nonetheless, the phrase is still true every day.

The source of these feelings are the waves that hit the shores of Mumbai. The waves carry love, warmth, and care for us and take away all the stress, depression and tension from our life. Many Mumbaikars, claim that sitting on the shore of Mumbai at Nariman Point, Marine Drive or Worli Sea face brings them peace of mind and peace with themselves. It sounds unrealistic, but it is Mumbai, where dreams become reality and air-dust turns into matter.

Malabar Hills

This one kind of seems unusual and out-of-place. Malabar Hills is an upscale residential area in South Mumbai. The locality is located on top of the hill on the coast of the Arabian Sea. The nightlife is not happening, on the contrary, it is quite peaceful. If you want to be all by yourself and cherish every moment, then drive to Malabar Hill and relax with a puff of cigarette while Buddha and Hulk are quarreling amongst themselves.

Haji Ali

Haji Ali is a dargah located on an islet off Worli sea face in South Mumbai. At night the gates are shut, however, the serene where green lights (Green being the color of Prophet) spark-up the holy place is a tranquil too difficult to stay from. Haji Ali creates a very beautiful eye-catching sight and gives peace to the soul when the days are bad, and the nights are worse.

Pure devotions and the hymn of the chants always linger in the air near Haji, Ali making one feel all the positiveness and good vibes Mumbai has to offer, even in the night.

A Mumbaikar once said, “Mumbai is not a place where the guides and monuments mesmerize you, it’s a place where the city is mesmerized by you.” Haji Ali is the place that can mesmerize you, and in turn, you shall mesmerize the city.


Who doesn’t have late night cravings? It is one of the most common symptoms found in the millennials today.

When it comes to food, Mumbai has everything locked under its belt. Those authentic spices which make Indian cuisine stand out in the world. Those flavors exploding in the mouth when a bite, full of haldi, laal mirch, and garam masala touches the tip of your tongue, it is not just food, that is God telling us, there is no such thing as heaven, live your life to the fullest on earth itself.

Sounds high, well, that is what food in Mumbai is all about. Not just to fill the hunger, but actually, suffice the craving and ask for more. Some of the best late-night places to eat in Mumbai are situated majorly in South Mumbai. Ayub’s, Bademiya, Sukh Sagar are to name a few. These places are open till late night and sometimes, even early morning.

Night light in Mumbai seems quite different than others, right? Perhaps, it’s strange just in this blog. The reason is that being a Mumbaikar is not always about partying at night and going for long drives. Mumbai is a city that never sleeps, it moves fast and keeps on accelerating every day. So, it is good for people to slow down once a while, take a moment by themselves in this giant place and find solace with inner-self and God.

“Work is a never-ending duty. Stress is everlasting. But what makes a life are the special moments which actually makes us happy and we never forget them!” – Code of Mumbaikars.

PS: This is a guest post by EZ Life. EZ Life is Mumbai-based e-commerce that deals in luxury gifting solutions, home décor and kitchen utilities.

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