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Interesting Facts about Jason Sehorn

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Jason Sehorn is a well-known actor in America. He is best known for performing Women’s Murder Club in the year 2007, Third Watch in 1999, and Kickin’ It in 2011, serving as a significant character. Jason also played football for New York Giants as a cornerback position person.

Early life

Jason was born in Berkeley, California, in the United States on April 15, 1971. He was brought up in Sacramento, California. As he grew up, Jason loved playing football as well as acting.


Jason studied at the University of Southern California.

Marriage life

Jason married his first wife, Whitney Casey, in 1998. Their love just vanished after marrying, and they divorced after a year.  Whitney is the present host of the Great Day Houston. She met Jason on the football ground since her father was also a footballer who played for Atlanta Falcons. Whitney’s father is well known as Charlie Casey.  Jason and Whitney were in a working relationship from their college life. No one would tell they would part ways in the future.

Jason took no time to heal after they broke up. He went on and proposed to Angie Harmon on March 13, 2000. The couple married after that and got their firstborn child Finley Faith Sehorn in 2003. The child strengthened their relationship.

Angie Harmon’s age was not far from Jason’s. She was born in 1972. Her body weight was 54kgs, and her height was 5’9 feet.  Also read about Morticia Addams.

In Dallas, Texas, the couple got their second-born child named Avery Grace Sehorn on June 22, 2005. They felt so blessed about getting the second child. The couple planned on getting the third child. After three years, they got their third born as scheduled.  The child was given the name Emery Hope Sehorn in the year 2008, December 18.

As an innovative and organized couple, everything went on well till 2016. The two parted ways due to unrevealed reasons.

Jason later married Meghann Hessert on January 30, 2017. The couple is standing strong up to date, and they have shared a child.

Jason is now a father of four children.

Net worth

Jason has an approximated net worth of $20 million. He has various sources of income. Being a footballer, Jason earned some reasonable cash that made him invest in several businesses. At Sonic Automotive, he is the Director of communication in the United States. The opportunity has made him achieve greatly to increasing his net worth.


Jason has a rough height that’s common to many people. The actual measurement is 1.88m.


Jason was a professional footballer. He began playing football while studying at Shasta College, in which he got recruited to play New York Giants from the year 1994. In 1997, he played at the cornerback and succeeded in the season. However, he got a knee injury, and his speed to run gently went down. Jason also played for St. Lois in the year 2003.

In 2004, he underwent a surgery process that made him quit playing football in 2005 when he was given retire.

Jason had a strong personality towards achieving his goals right. He was never discouraged by an obstacle in his career. While playing football, Jason kept practicing and had no time to rest. Thereby, his performance kept on increasing value. Failing was not part of his game. His partners loved and appreciated his efforts.

On retiring, the New York Giant team felt that they loosed a vital person, but they had to let it go. The game instructor recognized him as a gifted and hardworking man.

Jason loved acting with all his heart. After retiring, performing was the next thing he decided to work on wholly. He took film challenges easy to ease his journey towards a new future career.

He has inspired a hundred thousand people. On being committed to his works, he has made it live. He revealed that talented people don’t need other skills in life to earn a good living. Putting more effort o improving one’s talent is the crucial factor in obtaining your achievements.

Many people have become successful in doing things they like and earning the type of a living they would love. The research done of late shows that most actors belong to the elite class.

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