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Healthy Snacks Help To Create A Better Company Culture

HomeWellnessHealthy Snacks Help To Create A Better Company Culture

There are a few things that you should know regarding company culture before you look for the best possible and most effective ways to build it for your business. The first thing to know is that there is no magic formula to build office culture and there is certainly no specific type of company culture that will fit in well with any type of companies. A specific culture may work well for a particular company but may not be suitable for yours. Therefore, you will first need to know about a few specific things such as:

  • Your company needs
  • Your employee requirements and expectations
  • The best way to meet them and
  • The meaning of relaxed standards in the office environment.

Trying to improve your company culture is not easy and you will need to adopt and adapt to the changes as well as the demands of your employees in the best possible way. Sometimes, presenting more fun into your workplace might work but if you do not do it correctly it might not as well.

Why is it so? This is because the factual key to build a successful company culture is not only about setting a series of strict policies and business strategies but it is also about consistency in building the right type of company culture. This will play a pivotal role in building a company culture that will last for a long, long time proving to be highly effective and productive.

Providing Variety Fun in just the work culture is not enough regarding this matter as you will need to focus on other areas as well that will keep your employees happy such as:

  • Rewards and incentives
  • Health benefits
  • Better interaction and openness and
  • General welfare.

The best way to get all these rolled in one is to offer them with free snacks in the office that are healthy, tasty and varied. This will add variety, fun and a better working environment and company culture.

Need to follow consistency

Providing your employees with a healthy office and working environment is essential just as it is essential to be consistent in it. To ensure that you will need to know and follow a few fundamental cultural rules for example:

  • Ignore office complaints
  • Publicly humiliate or berate your employees
  • Provide an unsafe and unhealthy workplace and
  • No freedom to your employees.

Still ensuring all these common sense rules and requirements in the workplace may not build a better company culture as you will need to think beyond these. If you follow the relaxed standards of Google you will come to know how high level of freedom provided to the employees can prove to be very useful. You will know that this facilitates the employees coming up with new and better ideas for solving problems more creatively.

However, these cannot be the standard and may not be applicable to a professional roofer or a large manufacturing company. That is why you will need to focus on what really matters: happier and more interactive employees.

The only way to reach to their heart is by providing them good food in the office. This will help you make the best of the company culture irrespective of the type of culture you want to build for your business.

Reasons to invest in office snacks

Take a tour of different offices of some of the fast-growing companies and you will notice one specific commonality in all: free office snacks.

It can be just free tea and coffee or even to a large and elaborate meal depending on the size and budget of the company but free food is one thing that you will surely come across in all these companies visited by you.

Well, apart from food perk, you may also notice a few other perks that are provided by the companies once again depending on its budget, space, and policy such as:

  • Flexible workspace
  • Productivity enhancing and soothing soft tunes wafting in the air inside and
  • Even a ping pong table.

All these are provided to support and encourage collaboration across different working teams but the biggest and most noticeable commonality that you will see in all is the cupboards or the racks in the kitchen that is almost unvaryingly stocked with a wide array of healthy snacking items.

This omnipresence should be a good reason enough for you to invest in an office snack service.

The Trendsetters

The new trend of providing free office snacks is however believed to have been set by the cultural influence of the Silicon Valley. Majortrendsetterss such as Google, Facebook, and others have transformed the concept of providing catered meals and healthy snacks simply from that “nice to have” concept to a ‘must have’ amenity and benefit for the employees.

Providing such a free perk to the employees these major employers find it very easy to retain the top talents of the industry as well as recruit new ones that are far better.

However, there are a few things that you must know before you make the call to place your order for office snacks.

  • Providing the employees with just about any and every snack option may not work as well as you want. The modern trend is moving towards better, healthier, and supplemented snacking.
  • Modern companies now have started to realize that the employees that are sought after will demand free snacking options to satiate their hunger.
  • Also, they will certainly not pick up a food pack that contains a high amount of sugar or fructose such as in corn syrup or is a GMO or contain any other harmful preservatives and additives.

Therefore, make sure you choose food items that are a staple, send the right message, and ensure a better and more comprehensive health and wellness program. You must upgrade your snack regularly so that it not only provides high ROI but meets with your employee expectation and satisfaction levels.

With so much to consider and so much at stake, taking help of a professional service seems to be more feasible and hassle-free.

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