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More corporate professionals are choosing lanyard card holders

HomeInsightsMore corporate professionals are choosing lanyard card holders

The corporate life always has you under the scanner. Not only do you need to dress well, but you also have to use the right accessories. From your file folders to card holders you need to make smart choices that add to your overall persona.

Today, most corporate professionals carry a cardholder. If you have your business cards to carry and share in a board meeting or conference, it’s always best to get a cardholder. The leather card holders are the best option as it’s durable. Also, it is available in diverse designs and colors. From the middle management to CEO’s and Vice Presidents, there’s something for everyone to choose. Several other reasons make a leather card holder popular.

Most leather card holders, like lanyard cardholders, promise longevity

Leather card holders have a long life as compared to the synthetic ones! When you purchase a high-quality card holder, you know you’ve made a good investment.

From the minor wear and tear to daily usage, it can witness it all. Leather can sustain in rough conditions. Also, today the brands are adding a classy touch to the leather card holders. Hence, you surely won’t mind paying a couple of dollars extra.

It looks very classy and chic

Leather card holders look classy! It adds the required formal and professional touch to your dress code when you’re attending a meeting or a seminar. Today, the designer leather card holders have high demand. Everyone, from the aspiring young marketing professionals and the expert manager, makes use of cardholders. Also, leather is apt for every occasion and business meetings. It never goes out of fashion. To know more on this, you can check out the lanyard card holders.

You can use it while you’re traveling

The present-day corporate job includes frequent traveling. Also, you might be traveling for personal reasons. But it’s a smart call to carry your business cards with you, as a business opportunity can come from every quarter. The leather card holders are water-resistant. It’s available in a compact size and provides two or three pockets to keep your business cards. If you’re traveling, you can keep your credit and debit cards in one pocket. It helps in maximum utilization of space.

The new age card holders available in online stores are lightweight and easy to carry! You can select from multiple color options like black, navy blue, warm brown, light pink, olive, grey and many more. You can carry it inside your planner, in your hand as also fit it easily in your pocket. It’s always better to keep the cardholder in a safe place, like the inside pocket for your bag or laptop bag.

It’s got vegetable tanning and offers you natural colors

One of the best leather variants is Italian leather. The quality is excellent, and so is the overall design and artistry. The vegetable tanning is one process that involves natural tanning extraction directly from the barks or woods of the plants. It is the conventional leather tanning system. The shades that emerge from this are vibrant, rich and better pigmented. It makes the cardholders slightly more costly as compared to the chrome tanned leathers.

It is environment-friendly

Leather card holders are a smart choice as its environment-friendly! Some of the cardholders are composed of PU leather as well. But most corporate professionals today are keen on card holders made of natural materials than the fake ones. Hence, it is a one-time investment you make. But it’s essential that you weigh and assess your options before you make the final choice.

You always get a reasonable price

Even though leather card holders are expensive, but there’s still a chance of you bagging a good deal. Today, many online brands come up with designer and attractive looking card holders. Sometimes, you can make use of the seasonal discounts or promo codes and leverage a good discount. And at times, the products come with a discounted price itself. Search online and get the best card holder deal today.

Forever in style

Leather never goes out of style! You will always find the best leather card holder that can complement your formal dress code. Also, leather suits everyone from a teenager to a middle-aged man. These card holders will never ditch you at the eleventh hour. Everybody from the independent bloggers, mobile workers, senior managers, and other working professionals find leather card holders indispensable.

There’s more to stylish card holders than just the high demand and style! It comes with better and greater utility as well. The leather card holders are resistant to fungal attacks and mites. Ordinary cards, on the other hand, might become vulnerable to the fungal infestations. Hence, once you invest your money in one, you can rest assured it will last you about five years.

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