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How to Keep Your Home Cool as Weather Warms

HomeWellnessHow to Keep Your Home Cool as Weather Warms

With summer on the horizon, it’s important to know how to cool your home. Temperatures will rise if you don’t get your home ready and use smart tricks to save money. Here are a few to try.

Better Insulation

It’s important for your home to be insulated properly so you won’t waste money. Cool air that escapes easily from homes that aren’t well insulated can cost you and leave your house too hot.

There are several insulation materials that each have their pros and cons. Insulation can be made of cellulose, fiberglass, or foam. It can come in rolls or loose fill, although it’s also possible to use spray boards and vapor barriers. Keeping your attic insulated will help keep cool air from escaping your home. It’s wise to make sure the insulation in other parts of your home is also in shape and that there is enough of it.

Open Windows at Night

Opening windows at night can save money on your air conditioning bill in the summer. A breeze coming in will help keep you cool, and you will also let fresh air into your home. The feeling of fresh air and the night sounds outside your window might even help you rest better.

Make sure you feel safe leaving windows open all night. If not, you can close them before you go to sleep. Even leaving them open until it’s time for you to drift off will help circulate cool air throughout your home and cool the walls of your home.

Use Fans

Ceiling fans are great to have throughout your home because they can offer cool air without using a lot of energy and without a huge cost. In fact, they only use about as much power as a 100-watt light bulb. If you don’t have them in every room, you can either have them installed or take on a DIY project. You can also add box fans and standing fans during hot weather. Standing and oscillating fans allow you to control where the breeze lands, and they can cool a room fairly quickly. They tend to be cheaper than running an air conditioner all day and night, and you can simply store them when the weather is cooler. You also won’t circulate air through areas of your home that no one is occupying, and this will save on energy costs.

The weather might be getting warmer, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice comfort in your home. Following these tips will help you to make sure your home is ready for when the warmer weather arrives.

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