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3 Less-Than-Glamorous Professions Essential to Our Society

Home Educational 3 Less-Than-Glamorous Professions Essential to Our Society

Some jobs have a reputation for being absolutely lavish. Consider the lot of a supermodel or CEO. Then, there are others that might make you shudder at doing them for even a day, but they’re crucial to keeping our society functioning. These occupations might not be particularly desirable, but there’s no telling what would happen if they went away.

Garbage Collectors

Can you imagine a world without someone to collect our garbage? There was a time when people would drive it out to some remote natural location and dump it, but that wasn’t a very environmentally responsible practice. Neither was burning it in the backyard, but people did that too. Otherwise, it would just pile up. None of those scenarios are particularly pleasant, and thanks to garbage collectors, we don’t have to consider them. Weekly garbage pickup helps to ensure that our trash doesn’t stay in our bins for too long. When you hear the sound of the garbage truck in the morning, you should feel immense relief.

Truck Drivers

How do your favorite foods get replenished at the grocery store so quickly? You can thank a truck driver for that. There are many things that can delay truck drivers, and we often find ourselves ready to blame them for these delays, but people really shouldn’t. If you think truck drivers can create problems in society think of how much the retail and grocery industries would suffer without them. Unless you want to be restricted to buying products that are manufactured and grown in your region, you should be happy that we have truck drivers to deliver things to us.


You never realize just how important your pipes and drains are until you have plumbing problems. Plumbers have to deal with some off-putting conditions, but it’s all part of making sure that everything flows as it should. It’s particularly impressive when the pipes in a large complex such as a hospital are able to work with ease.

Plumbers have many responsibilities, including getting pipes into position and repairing or replacing those that are damaged. They also make sure that everything drains as it should so that people can use their facilities without incident. When your sink drains and your toilet flushes, you can thank a plumber.

Nobody should be looked down on for the work they do, especially those who are willing to take on jobs that many others actively resist. Each one of these occupations can be credited with reducing our stress levels in some way. If you want to feel a greater appreciation for your life, remember all the people who bring us solutions through their hard work.

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