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How to Keep Your Family Safe from These Common Household Dangers

Home Wellness How to Keep Your Family Safe from These Common Household Dangers

Some of the most common injuries happen when you are at home. A family may feel that the home is a safe, controlled space, leading them to let down their guard. Most of these household accidents are preventable with a few precautions. It is important that every family pay attention to their home, making sure that common dangers are addressed.

Tripping and Falling

An unexpected trip and fall can lead to serious injury, especially if it is a fall downstairs. You can prevent tripping by removing clutter from the main pathways of your home. Clear paths are especially important if you have an older person living with you. The elderly stumble easily, and the damage they sustain can be devastating. Since electronics are a part of the modern household, charging cords and power cords are common tripping hazards that need to be kept out of the way. Make sure that the toys are put away in the evening to avoid tripping over them at night. Make certain that stair banisters are secured.

Kitchen Fires

Kitchens hold many household dangers such as sharp knives and hot stoves. A kitchen is also a place where household fires start. If paper on a cluttered counter gets too close to a hot burner, it can catch fire. Hot oil from a frying pan can splatter and start burning. A few moments of distraction can lead to serious consequences. Regular safety equipment should be installed and maintained, and never leave cooking food unattended! Be sure a fire extinguisher is located close to the stove and that every family member knows how to use it.

Tipping Hazards

Shelves and TV stands often come with extra hardware to anchor them to the wall. This prevents them from tipping over if a small child climbs on them. However, many homeowners think of this step as unnecessary or inconvenient and skip it. Another problem happens when a TV Stand is anchored to the wall, but the television is not secured to the stand. Flat-screen televisions will tip quite easily on their stands. Especially if you have an active toddler, you should either anchor the television to a wall with the provided hardware or anchor it directly to the TV stand.

A little precaution can go a long way in keeping your household safe for your family. About once a week, you may want to do a safety walk, looking in each room to notice any hazards that need attention. Invite your children to walk with you so they learn what to look for. By addressing common household dangers, you’ll make your residence a safe and comfortable space.

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