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Bug Bullies That Present a Serious Health Hazard

HomeWellnessBug Bullies That Present a Serious Health Hazard

Bugs often serve a purpose in an environment, but that doesn’t mean they are safe for humans. Some bugs present serious health concerns for you and your family. Here are three you need to be aware of so you won’t be put at risk.


Mosquitoes are annoying, but that’s not the worst thing they have to offer. Mosquito bites can cause itching and red rashes, and mosquitoes can carry diseases that infect humans. Zika, West Nile, and malaria can all be spread by mosquitoes, and these conditions can be fatal for humans.

There are a variety of ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes. Wearing long sleeves or other clothes that cover your skin is wise. You can also start a garden with plants that mosquitoes are known to despise. Basil, citronella, and lavender should all keep mosquitoes at bay. There are also bug sprays made with safe, natural ingredients that will keep mosquitoes away from you.


No one wants to spot a cockroach in the house. They are known to be disgusting invaders that are hard to get rid of once they take up residence. Cockroaches leave behind waste that can be responsible for triggering various health problems.Cockroaches can also exacerbate allergies and create complications for those who suffer from asthma. They can also spread disease. Cockroaches can carry Salmonella and spread it throughout the home.

It’s difficult to get rid of cockroaches, so the best way to avoid the dangers they present is to keep them out of your home from the start. Make sure to clean up food or spilled drinks, and don’t let clutter gather in or around your home. Cockroaches will stay at a place where they can find food, water, and shelter. Don’t give them the invitation.


Ticks are known to carry diseases that are harmful for humans. Lyme disease is the one most commonly associated with this bug, but there are many others that they can spread. Rocky Mountain spotted fever and anaplasmosis are also common, and this usually happens when a tick transfers from another animal onto a person.

Know what areas are likely to have ticks before you go on a hike or a walk: basically, pay extra attention to any part of the body that is warm and concealed, like your armpit, behind your ears, or in the crotch area. Wear clothing that protects your skin, and treat it with a natural tick repellent if possible. After spending time outside, check your body for ticks so they can be removed quickly if found. It’s also wise to frequently inspect your pets for ticks.

Bug bullies can cause serious health problems for humans. Many even spread harmful diseases. However, you can fight them off when you know how to avoid or deal with them, whether that be through caution, cleanliness, and even certain plants.

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