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How to design landing page that brings conversions

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You have done Website Designing Company in Delhi (India) Digital Marketing. SEO Services, the best of your creative work and designed the best of the landing page. It reaches to the mind and heart of your prospective buyers, able to attract a lot of traffic, and a wonderful motivation for the buyer to decide on.

Still when the same is launched, attracts a lot of traffic and you get some results as well. Later on, you got to know that there is something wrong. The results are there but not as per the expectations or that ought to be there.

You are still wondering what has gone wrong and where? The diagnosis of the problem is not been understood. One of the prominent reason can be the more or undue focus on the copy rather than design.


Deciding on Complementary Shades

There is a lot of examples and evidence wherein the colors of the copy especially, call to action button colors. The colors scheme is very subjective; everyone has got different tastes and choices. But it has been usually seen that the complementary and contrasting colors and shades help in boosting the conversion rate.

With the help of usage of different colors which are different, but contrast and compliment, help in making your design stand out of crowd. It helps in making a hierarchy of situation and depicting the importance of different things.

Featuring The Existent Individuals for Existent Outcomes

People do not understand that the images are not used for the sole purpose of filling the vacant spaces; they add value and improve the UX user experience. In place of using some real and existent individuals, they put useless graphics.

There are organizations that waste more than 75% of the space with useless stuff. In fact, the same space is supposed to be utilized for attracting more visitors.

Guiding the Visitors Where to Look

It is better to have some effective images rather than having any of the good-looking people. The gestures and presumed activity also hold good value.

In case the image shows a person reading the headlines of your page, the visitors also feel engaged. But be cautious the headlines should also be eye-catching and interesting.

Placing Pictorial Indications

It is your duty to guide your visitors in right directions through pictorial indications. It is advised using the visual cues like arrows and other guiding pictures for high impact testimonials.

Optimizing Design Matching

The design matching is the other name for message matching. Your design matching helps in conveying the visual and content. The visitors should not be surprised when they land on the landing page from the ad, there should be some design matching.

You should use more or less similar colors, images, and icons on your campaigns, so as to make visitors familiar with your campaign.

Choosing The Right Colors

You need to look for bright colors on the landing page and it will help in attracting the visitors swiftly. But it has to be a proper match else it will be turning off the visitors as well.

It is a deal to be Visual

There are few people who use long landing pages which makes it difficult to accommodate the same. It is better to use appropriate images to remove a lot of copy of data and help visitors understand the new concept easily.

It is difficult than imagining that your visitor will understand the product and its benefits easily. Therefore, you are advised to have your copy with the image so as to make it easier to understand.

Using the Bigger Visuals and Copy

In order to fetch the attention of your visitors on your page, you have to have bigger visuals and copy on your landing page. It has to be as large as your grandma could also see it from 15 feet.

The call to action button should be at least a third of the page’s width. Moreover, with the bright colors and the visitors cannot miss it for sure.

Holding the Whitespace

Keeping and holding the whitespace not just help you deciding and using the design element, but it is important to keep it for emphasizing as well. It is as important as the call to action button. The Whitespace helps in improvising the legibility of the landing page. The whitespace can be spared with the help of using shorter paragraphs and small bullet style lists.

Takings Action

You should keep testing your landing page and keep making changes to improve the design elements.

The real effective landing page consists of the design and great copy in collaboration.


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