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Best 5 Games Like Skyrim That You Could Play As Alternatives

HomeInsightsBest 5 Games Like Skyrim That You Could Play As Alternatives

Skyrim is a highly successful open-world RPG game which dominated the charts for decades. Using its success, there are loads of great mods done by separate developers.

It’s set the bar so high for receptive world RPGs that even Final Fantasy XV does not stand close to it. That said, there are maybe a few games on this record that might be on the level or are marginally superior to Skyrim.

Below are some of the skyrim alternatives.

1#. Witcher 3

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is without a doubt among the best action RPGs (open world) introduced into this gaming industry. Many may even say it is much better than Skyrim and Pubg pc game.

This match won several awards and is considered the sport of the year back in 2015. Witcher 3 follows the narrative of Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher who hunts monsters, and this time, he is searching for his lost daughter who’s running out of the Wild Hunt (an evil force).

It’s comparable to Skyrim in many ways, i.e. Geralt can use magical spells (e.g. Award), like the Dragonborn may use magic spells like Fus Ro Dah. It’s also an immense open globe where you can go wherever you want, do primary quests and also have plenty of available side quests.

What is interesting about Witcher 3 is how it rather has that Game of Thrones feel to it. They do not even bribe nudity and gore is the second nature to this game. Why is Witcher 3 a highly successful sport is most likely the combination of its intriguing story (such as dialogues) and its open-world game play which doesn’t disappoint?

2#. Dark Souls 3

Next up is Dark Souls 3, plus an action RPG and was released just a couple of decades back. Like Skyrim, this game comes equipped with a myriad of weapons to use against enemies, including firearms, bows, and projectiles. You might also use guards to protect against enemies.

The story is that the world is a ruin (as normal) and it’s filled with all kinds of enemies and harsh surroundings. What people love about the game is mainly the intense battle experience and a huge collection of colossal monsters to fight with?

Additionally, it is rated very highly among most gaming reviewers and also on Steam. Although it’s a great action RPG, it is also among the toughest to play. You will likely get killed most of the moment.

3#. Bloodborne

Another alternative is Bloodborne game that’s just released on the PlayStation 4 up to now. Like Dark Souls, Bloodborne is also a very difficult game to play.

It is likewise an activity RPG and you view it from a 3rd person view, similar to other games listed previously. The narrative is set in the world of Yharnam that is full of tough enemies such as large managers. Along the way, you’re meet NPCs, gather more things which you can use and proceed with the main story.

At the beginning of the game, you may even edit the way your character looks and one major thing is picking a course, i.e. Origin. Each Origin has its trait, e.g. a coward or maybe a killing machine.

There’s this notion known as Hunter’s Dream, a place that’s safe to rest (no monsters). But, whenever you access it, the critters become repopulated in the world although your health is replenished.

4#. Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

Another game similar to Skyrim from the sense that it has a medieval setting is Mount & Blade 2. It’s set 200 decades ago from the area of Calradia and it’s essentially a war type of game Pubg wallpaper, where you bring your soldiers with you to battle.

You could even construct and fire heavy machines against enemies. It’s a sport in which you defend your castle against enemy attacks or you bring your soldiers together with you to conquer 1 castle.

5#. Lords Of The Fallen

On the other hand, the people turned from fear of rebellion once they began to struggle for their liberty.


It is an action RPG with a fairly cool melee battle system. Now you have the choice of using weapons or in some circumstances, magic powers. It’s supposedly a Dark Souls fake, except the gameplay is a little slow in contrast to the former.

Mount & Blade also lets you craft weapons which you can use in combat. Each weapon has different attributes, strengths, and weaknesses. You may even participate in diplomacy where you can make bargains to win land for your country. It’s also unique in the sense there are marriage offers as well as treason pacts in the sport.

While it is not just like Skyrim, it will offer some comparable features.

Hope you enjoyed reading the skyrim alternatives.

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