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    When you’re considering a career change, you may tend to lean towards those jobs that bring in lots of money. However, it’s important to remember that most of the higher-paying jobs usually come with a trade-off: stress. Nothing in life is ever easy for nothing! It pays off in the end, though. Here are a few stressful jobs that might be worth the pay.


    It’s true that physicians usually make a good amount of money, with a median salary of $200,000, but they work hard to earn it. For example, most physicians work long hours and unpredictable shifts, such as those in emergency rooms. Even on their days off, they’re still probably on call; healthcare never stops. Doctors are entrusted to care for individuals. There are many situations that result in life or death, like open-heart surgery. As such, providers face a constant worry of being sued by unhappy patients. According to Legally Mine, more than one in three physicians have had a medical liability lawsuit filed against them in their careers. Despite what may be considered negative aspects of healthcare, many physicians wouldn’t change anything about their jobs. If you genuinely want to make a difference for others, consider becoming a provider.


    Lawyers are also known for making good money; the reported median salary is around $100,000. Of course, they also work hard to earn that kind of paycheck. Depending on the area of expertise, lawyers live an extremely stressful life. Attorneys always strive for favorable outcomes for their clients, especially in life-changing cases. When your client’s freedom rests in your hands, it’s trying, for sure. However, working as a lawyer is perfect for anyone who has a passion for justice and the law. You can certainly help a lot of people in this career field.

    IT Manager

    Another high-paying career choice is that of an IT manager. If you’re unfamiliar, IT stands for information technology, and people rely on IT professionals every day. There’s probably not many businesses (and individuals) who don’t run on computers, so it’s important to know what to do should a system break down. IT managers are responsible for both the installation and maintenance of specified operations. While they make around $100,000 with what they do, it can become stressful; you’ll have to jump into action to help anyone who has an issue with their system. According to PowerDMS, it can also be stressful because although you might go home at 5:00, if someone has an IT issue in the middle of the night, you’re usually the one who has to fix it. However, this field is ideal for those who are passionate about technology.

    Sales Manager

    Sales managers make a pretty penny for their work, usually around $100,000 or more, according to Built In LA. If you’re wondering what sort of challenges sales managers face, think about how stressful it can be to always meet your sales quotas. Financial targets are always in place, and you’ve got to meet them consistently. However, sales positions are perfect for anyone who is outgoing and loves the challenge. You’ll need to be financially “with it,” but if this sounds like you, considering getting into sales!

    As you’re looking for that change in your career, it’s important to weigh the pros and the cons. If you’re willing to put in the hard work, you can earn the big bucks by becoming a doctor, sales manager, lawyer, or IT manager.

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