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Quick Tips for Getting Ready When You’re Late to Work

Home Wellness Quick Tips for Getting Ready When You're Late to Work

We’ve all been there. You wake up, look at the clock and realize that you’re already running late for work. You can’t show up to your job in your pajamas, so an efficient routine in the morning can get you out the door in just minutes. Putting on makeup and getting your hair done doesn’t have to take all morning. There are some quick tips that can help speed up your routine.


When you first wake up in the morning, you want to refresh your skin. You can wash your face using a refreshing cleanser that will prep and moisturize your skin for cosmetic products. Look for a product without fragrance even if you don’t have especially sensitive skin, then based on your skin type search out ingredients that will moisturize, brighten, or control oil on your skin. Take a moment to gently pat your face dry and apply a moisturizer and primer before you continue to makeup.


Your go-to work makeup is an opportunity to perfect a simple and clean look that can be done quickly. Focus on the basics for a put together look: base, eyes, and brows. Your makeup routine can consist of a little concealer for any discoloration like red spots, hyperpigmentation, or breakouts. Lightly apply foundation if needed. If you have oily skin, dusting on a loose setting powder will help with creasing and control oil throughout the day. Skip any contouring if you’re in a rush, without the time to give it the details needed it will only cause you more stress.

If you haven’t invested in permanent makeup like microblading, a tinted eyebrow gel or pencil is an efficient way to define your brows. They are a great alternative to powders, and pomades when you don’t have time for detail work. If you need a little color, some blush can be used on the cheeks and also popped into your crease to give you a polished look. Add a quick swipe of mascara and toss a tinted lip gloss in your bag and you’re on your way to work.


Assess your options based on your hair texture and time needed. If yesterday’s curls or blow out is still mostly intact, put on your curling iron or straightener and refresh the top layer for a quick pick-me up. If you’ve woken up with a mess of hair on the top of your head with no resolution in sight and the clock is ticking, opt for a sleek bun, or pop on an already styled wig. If you showered last night and fell asleep before any styling choices were made, a quick braid may be your best option.

Things NOT to Do

One thing you never want to do during a rushed morning routine is skip skin care and your makeup preparation. This is the base of your entire makeup routine, fresh skin and a little primer goes a long way. Never attempt to do your makeup in the car on your way to work. Aside from not being likely to turn out well, it will distract you as a driver, and distracted driving is one of the main causes of car accidents.

Just because you got ready in a hurry does not mean you need to look like it, with a little practice you can speed up your routine and get to work. If your every attempt to get up on time doesn’t work, you can use these tips to get out the door looking like you are put together for the day.

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