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How to Lead a Balanced Life as a Full-Time Student and Employee

HomeBusinessHow to Lead a Balanced Life as a Full-Time Student and Employee

Being a full-time student and employee means creating a balance so that you can stay sane. Though there are challenges, it is possible to work and go to school at the same time with success. Here are some tips that will help you find your equilibrium.

Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

Planning is key when you are a student or an employee. If you are juggling both, you have to not only plan but also make sure to stick to your plan in order to reach your goals. Take a look at the hours you work and the hours you will be in school. From there, plan in your study time as well as time to rest so that you don’t burn out. You may want to try time blocking, where you break your day down into 24-hour blocks and fill in what you need to do during each one. This helps give you focus on the days you feel like there is so much to do you don’t know where to start. You may have to adjust your plan during finals or other times when one aspect of life requires more effort than others. This will help keep the balance in your everyday life.

Consider Online Courses

Online classes are ideal for anyone who is working full-time while trying to obtain a degree. Online courses tend to cut the fluff when it comes to program requirements, allowing students to complete a bachelor’s degree in less time. It’s easier to stay focused when you know you are working toward your goal as quickly as possible. Online courses also cut down drive time to and from school. This gives you more time to work and study. You will still have access to professors for help, but you won’t have to spend time sitting through lectures or discussions that you already understand.

Don’t Wait

When you receive your syllabus at the beginning of a class, look ahead to see when major tests and projects are scheduled. Don’t wait to start working on assignments that will take a lot of time. Compare your busy times at work with your projects at school, and get started on any school work as soon as possible. If you start procrastinating, it will be very difficult to catch up on school work. This adds stress to your life that can affect your job and your school performance.


Rest is not counterproductive. In fact, the more you are trying to balance, the more important it is that you get the right amount of quality sleep each night. Studies show that lack of sleep can affect your performance and may even mess with your memory. You need to be sharp for your job and your classes, so don’t pull all-night study sessions to try to keep up. Plan your time well, and make sure to plan sleep in just like any other essential task.

You can succeed as a full-time employee and a student. Try these tips to stay focused to achieve your dreams.

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