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4 Ways to De-Stress This Spring

Home Wellness 4 Ways to De-Stress This Spring

Spring is a time of renewal, not only for flowers and trees but also for you. If you’ve been overwhelmed by stress and want to make a change, this is the perfect time to do so. However, just wanting to de-stress isn’t enough. You have to take measures that will make it happen. These are four great ways to get rid of stress this spring.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is often put off due to it being stressful. But what’s even more stressful is ignoring it and letting your home fall into disarray. Make a list of things that need to be done. These could be dusting, packing up items for donating, and cleaning the basement. Cleaning with natural products such as vinegar and oils will keep your home smelling and feeling clean. Don’t put pressure on yourself to get it all done in one go. You’ll do a better job if you take your time.

Yard Work

Plants come back to life in spring. While it’s a pleasure to see your lawn grow, you have to be mindful of your duties as a homeowner. Keep your grass mowed and make sure to pull weeds. You might also consider taking up gardening. You’ll hopefully find that tending to plants gives you a calm mind and satisfaction when they bear fruits or vegetables. Don’t have a yard of your own? You can make your home into a little garden with houseplants!

If you don’t want to pick up gardening yourself, know that sitting out and enjoying a well-kempt yard has its benefits. In fact, studies show that access to green spaces can lower stress levels and improve your mood.

Outdoor Exercise

Even if you already exercise, going outdoors to work out is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Look for good running and biking trails at local parks. If you find yourself invigorated and want to share the experience, invite a buddy out. The extended daylight hours mean that you’ll be able to go for a jog after work.

Spend Time With Loved Ones

The best moments are shared with the people we care about. Nobody looks back at the end of their life and wishes they spent less time with family and friends. During the warm spring months, it’s crucial to find time to enjoy their company. It doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. Try to spend at least a couple hours of quality time per week with those you care about. These memories are ones you’ll always look back on in fondness.

The beauty of spring is hard to appreciate when your mind is wracked with worries. Taking the time to figure out what your stressors are and how you can relieve yourself of them is liking giving yourself a gift that costs practically nothing and lasts forever. As you absorb that wonderful spring air, you can feel all the more appreciative.

Still worried about your stress levels? Check out some of our other articles on the topic to help you figure out how to deal with it!

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