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7 Best Warm Flower Teas to Drink in Cold Weather!

HomeWellness7 Best Warm Flower Teas to Drink in Cold Weather!

This article is completely dedicated to tea lovers. Tea is the refreshing drink helps to make our morning good. Tea instantly energizes the body and help in boosting the mind. Now there are so many organic teas available in the flowering world that helps to relieve from stress and fatigue.

It works as an antioxidant helps in combating from mental fatigue, keeps our digestive system healthy. It also assist in curb hunger which is very much helpful in weight loss. So if you want to add some relaxation in life, drink flower teas. We have covered few very popular types of flower tea added with lots of benefits. We have followed various benefits you can avail from drinking flower tea.

Rose Petal Tea

Rose petals are best used for treating skin infections, burns and wounds. it provides a magical glow to the skin. Besides this it is also used to dress up the soups and salads. Rose petals also used in making flavored teas. Boil some rose petals; add honey, basil and ginger.

You can also add some cinnamon sticks and cloves to make it a spiced drink. The rose petal tea is a refreshing drink helps in removing morning sickness, dizziness, stress and fatigue. If you want to gift roses with rose petal tea, buy roses online from here.

Hibiscus Tea

Rosella is one type of hibiscus flower. You can use both hibiscus dried petals and hibiscus fresh flower petals. If you are using fresh flowers do not use the thin pistil the thread like tube in the center. Pluck the flower and do not take green stem from the hibiscus. Now add this flower into boiling water. You can also choose to add basil or ginger. Now stir this mixture into cup. Add lime and honey. A refreshing tea is ready.

Hibiscus tea helps in reducing hypertension, very well works in the menstrual cramps and also helps in improving digestive system. For summer time let this tea get chilled in the refrigerator. It is full of vitamins and flavonoids helps in reducing stress.

Mint Tea

Mint Tea helps in uplifting the mood instantly. Peepermint tea is a great mood changer. It has a cooling and soothing property that helps to combat against anxiety, insomnia and also help in treating skin problems. There are tons of benefits of drinking warm mint tea. Just boil the mint leaves in water and add some ginger, honey and the flavor of choice.

Drink this tea in every time you feel dizziness and fatigued. It relieves from morning sickness and allow you to take fresh breath. Take peppermint tree 3 to 4 time a day to curb hunger. This will aid you in weight loss. It also help in managing the irritable bowl syndrome. So if you have still not started, start drinking mint tea from this time. If you are not able to reach at your love one’s party premise, Order flowers online and let them feel your existence.

Lavender Tea

Lavender flower is used for aroma therapy. Lavender essential oil is used to relieve stress and body ache. Lavender extract is used to make soaps, lotions to treat various skin diseases. Lavender flower tea is has an excellent aroma and flavor that help you in many ways.

Lavender fresh or dried petals tea is a great mind changer. It is full with antoxidant properties helps in treating sleep disorder, anxiety. This also help in fighting from cancer and other harmful bacteria. Doctors advise to take 3 to 4 cups of lavender tea to improve the health in daily life.

Jasmine Tea

Jasmine flower just not spread alluring fragrance around but also assist in improving our health. Jasmine green tea is burst with antioxidants. it has a powerful antioxidant called polyphone which assist in reducing the heart disease risk. In every drink you can lose around 70 to 100 calorie that means it also help in controlling the weight.

Jasmine tea contains L-the amine which is a great mood booster. Valentine is just around the corner please click on this link to get romantic flowers delivery service from here.

Chrysanthemum Tea

Drinking chrysanthemum tea every day makes you healthy and strong from inside and outside. In summer time it is a very famous drink because it helps in soothing the sore throat. The warm tea helps in lowering the risk of cardiac risk as it helps in increasing the blood flow to heart.

In winter it’s a best natural remedy to remove cough, cold, headache, dizziness and fever. The warm tea helps in removing swelling in throat. You can add some flavors like basil, ginger, and mint to enhance the taste.

Marigold Tea

Marigold acts as a best antiseptic medicine. Calendula oil is best used for treating various skin disorders like ulcers, swelling, acne, burns and wounds. But here we will talk about the benefits of drinking calendula warm tea.

Marigold tea is a great antioxidant loaded with vitamin A. This instantly helps in removing dizziness, anxiety and fatigue. Marigold tea also helps in lowering blood pressure and improving blood flow in heart.

So here is the detailed knowledge about list of flower teas. The organic compounds in flower act speedier than allopathic medicines. Their results are life changing and simultaneously you do not find any side effects of taking natural teas. So better skip to your caffeine tea into natural flower tea. It is an ideal tea to detox the body in regular interval.

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