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Tea & Beverage : The Best Franchise Opportunity With Tea Trails India!

HomeInsightsTea & Beverage : The Best Franchise Opportunity With Tea Trails India!

We Indians love our tea because it is much more than just a beverage for us. Drinking tea is an experience in and of itself- come rain or snow, we never compromise with our tea.

This burning passion for tea and the idea that surrounds it has been the propelling idea behind Tea Trails India. Tea Trails is the first Indian chain of tea cafes. The venture is the brainchild of a group of successful entrepreneurs, who combined their passion for tea and their business acumen to bring joy to numerous people around the country.

Tea Trails in India

Tea Trails India has curated a selection of gourmet teas from all around the world to suit the unique Indian palate. The first Tea Trails outlet was opened in Mumbai in 2013, and the business has now fanned out to more than 40 stores across the country. Our dedication to the business makes us unique, and we understand how important it is to be passionate about what you do. The hard work that we have put behind our business has brought it to the point it is at today. Not only are we passionate about the beverage itself, but we are also intent on creating the best tea drinking experience for our consumers as well.

Not only tea but the snacks served at our ambient tea franchise cafes are also infused with the beverage. Tea Trails India provides a holistic experience that delights your senses with the magic of tea.

 Tea Trails Franchises Opportunities

Our venture has been lauded and awarded a number of prestigious awards over its few days of operation. The list of awards includes Best Debutant Franchisor of the Year (2015), Most Promising Tea Café of the Year (2016), Most Innovative Café of the Year (2016), and Concept of the Year (2016). All these awards have reaffirmed Tea Trails India’s success as one of the best franchise business ventures in India and have also ensured many bright future prospects for it.

Of course, we owe a lot of our success to our franchisees. We have been lucky to receive on board a number of passionate and driven franchisees who have brought their acute interest and knowledge of the beverage to the table. A well-formed franchise network will allow us to bring our gourmet teas to the Indians all across the country. The awards and accolades have proven that Tea Trails India has become a lucrative franchise business opportunity for young franchisees.

When you decide to join our franchise business, you will immediately receive a number of benefits. The café franchise model has already proven to be very suitable to the franchisees who have already joined us on our venture. A good return on investment is also one of the many things we promise, allowing you to retain a favorable profit margin at all times.

If you are planning to invest in something fun and offbeat that is sure to have a good financial future as well, then this how to franchise business for you. We also have special business returns for our female entrepreneurs, providing them with additional benefits on their investment.

Take Part in Our Passion

All we ask of our franchisees is a burning passion for tea and a veritable desire to run their own business. An acute interest in the food and beverage industry is also welcome since it will give them the necessary know-how to run and maneuver their way through business decisions. It is safe to say that Tea Trails will provide you with franchise opportunities that you will not be able to refuse.

PS: Author is a Content Strategist for Tea Trails India.

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