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Super Easy Ways To Learn Everything About DEVOPS Training

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DevOps is the fast pacing and high demand software development process which is growing in 16.5 percent for the last few years. DevOps Market value is expected to reach by $9 Billion at the end of the year 2020 globally.

DevOps mainly focus on the fastest IT service delivery through continuous deployment and infrastructure improvement with an agile methodology. DevOps professionals are involved in the collaboration process of development, operation, and testing.

Through the certified DevOps Training, one can become master in Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment, Configuration Management, and Code Automation with the deep insights in required tools and techniques. Engage yourself in learning the on-demand DevOps Culture with the right skills needed for the industries.

Understanding of the Entire DevOps Process

DevOps learning consists of two major processes that are Development and Operation which is segregated further with the required skills such as Plan, Code, Build, Test, Release, Deploy, Operate, Monitor. These skills to be implemented with the related tools for every part.

Here, we have presented the most important building blocks to learn the DevOps culture for more desirable job placement in top IT firms.

Learning the programming language

The programming skill is the essential one to start a career in the DevOps process. It is useful in the process of code development. Python, Go, Scala, C, Ruby are the excellent programming languages and it differs in popularity according to the location. When choose the right programming language to get succeed in the DevOps process, one must look for the following characteristics as per your application development and deployment process.

  • Scalability for meeting the client demand.

  • The efficiency of the application performance and workforce allocation.

  • Modularity to build micro-services oriented applications.

  •  Performance assurance by delivering the quality and best user experience product.

  • Familiarity to implement the technology without the need of learning from basics.

  • Portability as to adopt the upcoming technology updates

It is better to select the programming language as per the above aspects for your application to make easy to achieve the purpose.

Learning Server Management Strategies

DevOps professional’s other main task is to manage the servers. Therewith, an understanding of how servers are working with the in-depth knowledge of hardware like CPU, Architecture, and Memory allocation process is needed the most. Obtain one of the server and cloud knowledge like Linux, Unix, Ubuntu to edit, monitor and command-based lines of the codes.

Learning the basics of Networking and Security process

Skills on networking and security are useful for DevOps professionals to know how HTTP, DNS, FTP, and other protocol works. It consists of the following aspects:

  • Securing the deployed software application.

  • Anticipate the security flaws in the code.

  • Configure the infrastructure of the network.

Learning the Scripting Language

Scripting is also the must-know skill to develop your scripts which are alternate for tools. Bash and Python are the best scripting language to develop scripts with less code implementation.

Learning the middleware

Practice on how to install and configure the middleware with popular tools such as Apache, Nginx for the DevOps process is an important one. These skills are used to install and configure things like virtual hosts, reverse proxies, domain names and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for your daily tasks. It helps DevOps professionals to deploy the efficient web server with load balancing techniques.

Learning GIT

GIT is the distributed version control system to track the changes of source code in the software development life cycle. It helps in the collaboration of multiple developers to work together to deliver the product quickly.

Learning the automation process

Automation is one of the main pillars of the DevOps process. Tools like Jenkins used to automate the connection establishment of the code with the code repository. It improves the process of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) which is the main process of DevOps.

Learning about configuration management

Configuration management makes life easier by managing the complex task of multiple environments and configurations with tools like Saltstack, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, etc.

Learning of the Infrastructure as Code and Serverless Application

IaC is another important aspect of the DevOps process which is used to automate the infrastructure and provision of your application with simple scripts and alternative tool suggestions. Knowledge in some cloud providers such as AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, GCP (Google Cloud Platform) used to get resources for developing good application infrastructure.

Learning the Monitoring software

After the deployment of the software application, it should be monitored regularly and the related skills are important to simplify the process of intimate the issue with an alarm. Choose as per the requirements that fit the client from tools like Zabbix, Icinga, Sensu, Prometheus, ELK stack and so on.

Learning of Containers and Orchestration

Finally, it is important to obtain the required knowledge in creating, building, deploying, and managing the containers in development and production environments. Tools like Docker, Kubernetes are must-know skills in the DevOps process.

Bottom Line

Excellent DevOps Career is possible with the learning of the above skills and the related tool’s knowledge. It becomes easy now for many serverless technologies are lined up in the market to simplify the DevOps process. Learn the certified DevOps Training from top institute help you to discover the tremendous job opportunities of the top companies.

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