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A Guide To Setting Up A Teenager’s First Car

HomeEducationalA Guide To Setting Up A Teenager’s First Car

Getting a driver’s license is a rite of passage for most American teenagers, and new research reveals that more than 80 percent of teens got their driver’s license before the age of 18. Once your child gets their license, the next logical step is getting them their first car. But it doesn’t end there: after making the purchase, it’s important to set up the vehicle for comfort, safety and convenience. Doing so allows your child to have a great driving experience day after day, and it also helps them to stay safe on the road. Here’s a guide to setting up your teenager’s first car.

Personalize the settings

Buying a car for your teen may come with a few challenges: not only do you have to agree on a make and model, but you also have to set limits on the car budget. Let your child know that you’ll only be spending a certain amount on their vehicle, and once that’s been settled, you’ll need to check out car ratings on performance and safety before making your purchase. Once you’ve bought the vehicle, take some time to personalize the car settings with your teen before they take it out for a drive.

New cars come equipped with an LED screen, which you can use to access the vehicle’s settings menu. From there, you can choose to automate certain features. For instance, instead of manually folding the mirrors after parking, you can automate this action by selecting this option on the screen so the mirrors would automatically fold when your teen parks the vehicle and unfold once they start the car.

You can also personalize the odometer display, and even customize auto lock settings for your teen’s safety. Check the manual to see what features are available and how you can adjust the settings to your teen’s preferences.

Activate the Do Not Disturb While Driving feature

Your teen may have heard about safety measures while learning to drive, and they may have stuck to the rules during their first few weeks of driving. However, things can change once they’ve got a license, a car and a lot of freedom behind the wheel. To ensure that they practice good driving habits on the road, it’s important to keep distractions to a minimum, and they should never, ever use their phones while driving.

To reduce the risks of road accidents, set up your child’s phone so that it will recognize when they’re driving. If your child has an iPhone, use Bluetooth to sync the device to the vehicle, then activate the phone’s Do Not Disturb While Driving feature. The phone will block notifications once it senses that the car is in motion and prevent your child from getting distracted while on the road.

Keep it organized

After a few weeks, your teen’s car may look a bit messy, especially if your child has a hectic schedule that involves school, after-school activities, or a part-time job. Help your teen to keep their vehicle looking spic and span by placing plastic bins inside the trunk for things such as sports gear or extra clothes. A car garbage bin is also a must, especially if your teen likes to eat snacks in the vehicle.

Meanwhile, a hanging organizer can keep phone chargers, tissues, mints and other must-haves neatly contained. Also, encourage your child to put loose change inside a container with a lid so they don’t have to waste time rummaging inside the vehicle when they need coins for parking fees and the like.

Setting up your teen’s car takes some time, but doing it is a must for your child’s safety and convenience. Make sure to do this with your child so they’ll know how their vehicle will perform once it’s been personalized or customized.

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